BASED Sorority Thot Gets Thrown-Out of School for Proclaiming Her Hate of Niggers

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2017

Press “f” for respect.

While it may appear that this video depicts a drunk thot losing control of herself because she can’t hold her liquor, in reality this brave girl is making a deep point about freedom of speech on campuses as well as the need for racial segregation. I believe she’s also calling into question whether Martin Luther King, a plagiarist, communist and sex pervert, deserves a national holiday.

Alas, both her school and her sorority simply disregarded her poignant message and simply kicked her out.


A college student has been expelled from her school and sorority after videos of her spewing hate speech on the day honoring Martin Luther King Jr. went viral.

Harley Barber, a now-former student at the University of Alabama, was removed from the university and kicked out of Alpha Phi sorority after she posted a pair of videos using racial slurs toward African Americans to her secret Instagram account.

As they say, “in vino veritas.” Alcohol makes the truth come out.

They also say “the truth comes out from the children’s mouth.” As women are mental children, the saying applies here. Though in general, women lie all the time, so I don’t even know if this works.

Either way, her message (“nigger!”) is definitely genuine and truthful.

We all know it.

Barber, 19, from Marlton, New Jersey, posted a video to her “finsta,” the name given to a second “fake” Instagram account where users are encouraged to portray a more realistic version of themselves as opposed to their curated main account.

In the video, the college student repeatedly uses racial slurs. After posting it, Barber was swiftly criticized by her followers, which compelled Barber to release a second video to respond to the backlash.

She did not apologize but instead argued why she should be able to say the N-word, even, as she pointed out, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

As they say, alcohol is “liquid courage.

“I’m in the South now, bitch,” she said, while surrounded by a group of friends. “So everyone can f— off. I’m from New Jersey, so I can say n—- as much as I want.”

As they say, “a drunk thot’s words are a sober thot’s thoughts.”

I’m just not sure what those words mean.

What I do know is that I’m having all my New Jersey-related stereotypes confirmed.

I thought this was just a meme. But it’s all true, right down to that orange tan.

On Wednesday, University of Alabama president, Stuart Bell, released a statement on the school’s website that addressed the “racist and disturbing” videos.

“I find the videos highly offensive and deeply hurtful, not only to our students and our entire University community, but to everyone who viewed them,” Bell said. “We hold our students to much higher standards, and we apologize to everyone who has seen the videos and been hurt by this hateful, ignorant and offensive behavior.”

Some dumb broad’s random drunken ramblings are important enough for the president of the school to make a public statement in condemnation, apparently.


The university said Barber is no longer enrolled at the school, and the Alpha Phi sorority confirmed she was removed as a member. In an interview with the New York Post published on Wednesday, Barber said she is in the process of moving back to New Jersey from Alabama.

Needless to say, if this had been a sheboon calling White people “crackas” on video, no one would have batted an eye.

But this is an interesting look at the current state of youth culture. She was only kicked out of her sorority after the public backlash – the other girls around her didn’t seem to mind at all that Barber was acting “racist.”

More and more, it’s becoming cool and hip for White youths to be hardcore racists. This is exactly why the schools are so frantic in making examples out of these cases.

But soon, there’s going to be too many to deal with in this way.