Based Salvini Forces Macron Government to Withdraw Emissaries

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2019

The only government to support the people of France in their revolt against Macron’s despotic regime to date is the Italian one under Salvini.

This will forever be a + in their column as a people and a nation.


France has recalled its ambassador from Rome after a meeting between Italy’s deputy prime minister and leaders of the French Yellow Vest protester movement who have been calling for French President Emmanuel Macron’s resignation.

Luigi di Maio, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement hailed the “winds of change across the Alps” yesterday on Twitter after meeting with Yellow Vest activists Cristophe Chalencon and Ingrid Levavasseur.

In a statement on the decision, France’s foreign ministry accused Italian officials of making “outrageous statements” and “repeated, baseless attacks” for months.

The statement said the attacks were without precedent since World War 2. “Having disagreements is one thing, but manipulating the relationship for electoral aims is another,” it said.

“All of these actions are creating a serious situation which is raising questions about the Italian government’s intentions towards France,” it added, making clear that Paris is increasingly worried by Di Maio and Salvini’s vocal support for the protest movement and its possible ramifications.

Salvini isn’t even the PM, but he’s already causing so much mayhem.

Probably because he cares more about what RT thinks of him than the New York Times.

A diplomatic feud has been bubbling between Paris and Rome over repeated expressions of support for the protests coming from top Italian officials. Di Maio’s co-deputy PM Matteo Salvini said this week that French people “will be able to free themselves from a terrible president” in May after European parliamentary elections take place. 

A rebellion in Gaul supported by an ambitious Roman general?

History repeats itself.

Salvini should allow Yellow Vest protestors wanted by police to seek refugee in Italy, classify them as refugees, and force Merkel to take the Africans because now, technically speaking, Italy has taken its required EU allotment of refugees. That would be truly epic. Caesar-like, I’d say.

No, wait, Salvini-like.

Because Salvini has already proven himself to be worthy as a benchmark of basedness.

From this point onwards, governments in Europe and America will now be graded based on the Salvini Standard. Look, it’s real simple: if a politician hates Globalism, the Jews and the niggers of both sand and jungle variety AND loves the company of fine bitches as much as Salvini, they get an A+.

Every deviation from the Salvini Standard means docked points. 

As an example: Trump’s hovering in C territory. Remember, C- is a failing grade, so he’s right there on the cusp. He better shape up. That pathetic SOTU cost him a lot of points.

I’d give Putin a B+.

His main failure: he has failed to nuke anybody in the 16 years that he’s been in the Kremlin and that has reflected poorly on Russia’s prestige levels. Luckily, Washington gives him fresh cause every other day, so hopefully, he wins back some points on the “Nuclear War” bonus points section of the test.