BASED Psych-Rock Band Dropped from Label for Doubleplus Ungood Opinions, Makes Swift Comeback

Daily Stormer
July 28, 2017

Non-Communists must be silenced and purged from all local music scenes.

After the Austin-based band Dream Machine released their debut album The Illusion in May 2017, they quickly gained notice for offering a fresh take on the garage rock genre.

By incorporating elements of 70s prog-rock, listeners are transported back in time, away from the constant connectedness of smart phones and social media. To make their point, they don’t use Facebook, Twitter, or any of those (((tools))):

Dream Machine is not on Facebook. The Illusion is a concept album inspired by our observation that social media brings out the worst in people, so we oppose it.

The record is a hard rock throwback awash in psychedelic overtones. Vintage organs and tight drum patterns stand out in most of the songs. The dynamic between the two leads, who share the vocal duties, is formidable. Organ hooks compliment heavy guitar riffs, a playful back and forth present no doubt in part because these songs were composed by the newlywed force that props up the project, Doris and Matthew Melton.

A well received release set hopes up high, and more acclaim seemed imminent. Acceptance quickly shifted to alienation and scorn, however, once a now infamous interview with Still in Rock revealed their contempt for the unhinged Left the same month of the album’s release.

In it, they praise ICE for actually doing their job, point out that feminist bands can’t play their instruments, and that the wave of Islamists invading Europe are unassimilatable.

So excited to be moving to Europe, but I will always consider myself a red-blooded American. And just like the waves of refugees pouring into Europe I will also not be learning any new languages or culturally assimilating.

Although they look like it, these art fags are not your typical scumbag musicians.

Doris Melton, who for now resides in the USA, is a Bosnian refugee who grew up in the Netherlands.

ICE is just doing their job, and I’m glad they’re finally starting to work on deporting criminal illegal aliens too. It took ages for me to get my green card here legally and because there’s so many illegals coming in they make it hard for the people who do want to become part of American society the right way. They’re handing out free money to people who come here illegally, but when you want to work hard to become an American citizen to start a family they make it so hard on you, and expensive!

The Riot Girl (((Feminist))) scene had to be addressed.

Something that pisses me off about the music world is that girls have mostly become lazy jellyfish and are starting these horrible feminist bands just to try and ”show men what they got”. The safe space mentality has made them weak. They don’t even know how to play their instruments!

They’ll make songs about being ”sexually assaulted” or about how ”empowering” abortions are or some shit and it’s fucking retarded, they’re embarrassing themselves. If men did that they would be crucified! You see the longing for a gender supremacy under the guise of “equal rights”. What happened to the incredible female singers from back in the day with real talent, singing about finding true love and wanting to be a good woman?

Predictably, these rather benign and logical observations caused enough outrage on the indie music circut for Castle Face Records to drop them almost immediately, issuing a statement to the public condemning their common sense as “ugly opinions.”

When a follow up interview dubbed them “the most savage band of 2017,” it became clear that any negative fallout from their anti-PC tirade was to be short-lived.

On July 15th, they appeared on the Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox News.

Doris had this to say to their detractors:

Fight is in my blood and I am not taken aback by any liberals calling me a racist. They’re like a sad baby cockroach infestation that are easy to take out with rational thought and reasoning.

These Liberal cockroaches are worse than the Turks.