Based Poles Want to Ban “Sexual Education”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2019

Poland see-saws between being based and being not.

But I have to give them credit where credit is due.

Banning sex ed is pretty based.


Polish lawmakers on Wednesday voted in favor of a bill to criminalize “the promotion of underage sexual activity,” in a move seen by some as a government effort to court conservative support and which outraged liberals who say the bill aims to ban sex education.

As protesters gathered outside the parliament and in cities across Poland, lawmakers from the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party voted for the bill to go to a parliamentary commission for further work.

“Disgrace for the deputies … who referred for further work a project punishing sex education with prison,” tweeted opposition lawmaker Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus, who had earlier raised a motion to have the bill thrown out.

Outside the parliament hundreds of protesters had assembled, brandishing placards such as “Education protects against violence” and “Banning sex education is rape.”

“The attempt to limit access to education is a direct attack on all of us,” said Anton Lewandowska, 23, from the Ponton Group, a voluntary organization that provides sex education.

Sex ed is the biggest scam since milk.

Anyone who has gone through sex ed knows that it is, at its core, anti-natal programming created by the Jews with the sole plan of rendering White people infertile. They flash images of rotting genitals at you and scaremonger about HIV while at the same time explaining how anal sex works and teaching boys that any physical contact with girls is LITERALLY rape.

Sex ed is right behind Holocaust class and the 4th consecutive semester of writing essays about Harriet Tubman in terms of how awful and damaging it is.

I would not wish sex ed on my worst enemy.

“Many people I know who do sex education are scared to do our work despite the fact that it is a basic right of every person.”

Polish schools do not offer formal sex education, instead teaching students how to “prepare for family life.” Some cities run by more liberal parties have allowed sexual education programs in schools, prompting a backlash from the PiS and the Catholic Church.

The PiS won parliamentary elections in Poland last Sunday, but far-right and staunchly Catholic voters also managed to introduce candidates to parliament.

For the record, PiS is basically the cuckservative/neocon Polish right-wing party. Polish society appears to be swinging to the right, which is good, but that means PiS will be capturing the majority of these new, right-wing voters.

Ideally, we would see the emergence of a non-shill right-wing capable of holding its own in parliamentary elections in Poland and one that is willing to pull Poland out of the EU and build a giant Wall a few hundred kilometers east of where the one in Berlin stood, which was foolishly dismantled.

By the by – few people know this, but the Berlin Wall wasn’t built to “keep people in” or to keep the East safe from cultural contamination from the West as the tankies will claim (even though it effectively did end up doing this).

It was created because of currency/economy issues. The poorer German East, which came under the control of the USSR, was put on the fast-track towards the Communist(ification?) of their economy. That meant a command economy (not a big deal, Germany was already on a wartime command economy anyway), with massive subsidies for basic staples like food and clothes.

Speculators quickly realized that they could buy up subsidized products in the East and sell them in the West at market prices in the West. It turns out that command economies don’t work when they are in close proximity to free(er) markets. So the wall had to come up.

And it worked.

East Germany ended up being BASED for a while.

I have not heard of any party in Poland proposing to build a giant Wall yet, but we all know that it has to be done and sooner rather than later and should have, in fact, been done the moment that Germany was re-unified. A retreat and retrench strategy.

Why bring up Germany when talking about Poland, you ask?

Well, because they have the EXACT SAME DIVIDE in voting patterns, with the West voting fag and the east voting straight.

It’s shocking really.


A Wall can keep the riff-raff out, end rampant product/price speculation, and keep the roasties at home in line too.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that there is pretty much no problem on earth that can’t be solved without a big, solid, reinforced concrete wall.