Based Poles Release Film Condemning Corrupt Clergy; Decide to Worship Alien Race Instead

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2018

This is one of those “agreeing with liberals, but for the wrong things” moments for me.

Yahoo News:

The Polish film “Kler” (The Clergy) has aroused passionate debate in the deeply religious country, winning awards but also triggering calls for it to be banned.

“Those who hold the homeland in their heart, who love God and Poland, must clearly say “No” to the destruction of our nation’s values,” said an association of Catholic journalists that wants the film about child abuse, clerical corruption and burn-out to be pulled from almost 500 movie theatres. 

How does the saying about conservatives go?

Something something that they’re the worse of both worlds. They want to conserve what should be jettisoned, and adopt what should be resisted.

That’s what these Polish conservatives seem to be doing.

Directed by Wojciech Smarzowski and filmed in the Czech Republic, “The Clergy” was shown last week at the Gdynia film festival, where it won prizes from both journalists and the public.

Its release comes as the Catholic Church faces a crisis in several countries owing to charges of sexual abuse of children by clergy and lay members, which the Vatican’s chief spokesman has called “a cultural problem” and “very grave sins”.

Film critic Janusz Wroblewski said that “no director has ever dared to present as critical a vision of the Catholic Church in Poland.”

Smarzowski “denounces all its cardinal sins from paedophilia, payment by the faithful for sacraments, crooked tenders and a generally demoralised hierarchy,” the critic added.

The film has nonetheless been attacked since it was shown for the first time to the public Friday.

Journalist Jan Bodakowski called it “hard-core anti-clerical propaganda. The priests do nothing but drink, rape choir boys and obsess about money. It is a vision of those who do not know the Church and real priests.” 

Just because the Catholic Church is a big part of Polish identity doesn’t mean that it gets a carte blanche to behave how it likes. Is pederasty also a part of Polish identity?

No, I didn’t think so. 

I unironically support this film’s critique of the fag-clergy. Concurrently, I also support the creation of films critiquing the fag Rabbis and gang-rapist Moslems… but these films seem to have gotten caught up in post-production editing, I assume. Probably budget issues. What other explanation is there for them not being shown, right?

Nothing suspicious going here, right?


Poland, btw, is an interesting country. 

Even more interesting is their Prometheus Program.

Named after Ridley Scott’s blockbuster Prometheus. 

The program aims to bio-engineer an alien/human hybrid that is capable of killing Russians en masse and finally take Poland into outer space.

Well, that’s the secret/confidential part of the program. Not a lot of people know about it. Keep it on the down-low. I’m not supposed to share it with you.

Instead, the official policy of the program is to support Nationalist/Separatist movements to the East in a bid to weaken the Russians.

Clearly, this can’t be the truth. This version doesn’t even mention the secret Engineer race, so you know they’re hiding a lot from the public. Obviously a smokescreen for the whole Alien program, but whatevs…

The Poles officially even have a program where they invite young Nationalist enthusiasts from Eastern Europe to Warsaw to, I assume, scope out their potential as agent provocateurs or something.

PiS organizes it.

With great success, I might add.

One of the clever things that the Poles have done in Ukraine is to encourage and cultivate the Galician separatists/nationalists. In fact, few remember this little detail, but during the events of Maidan, Lviv or Lvov decided to declare independence from Kiev. It didn’t end up mattering in the end, because they ended up winning in Kiev. And everyone memory-holed that little incident. And the focus shifted to the separatism in the East.

And, you know, for Poland there is obviously the immediate benefit of tearing Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit and starting a bloody civil war that weakens the Russians.

But I think that the Poles have one more trick up their sleeve.

The Western media is bafflingly silent about the whole Galician-SS inspired nationalists in Western Ukraine… for now.

At any moment though, the media might choose to stop being silent about these people. 

They might start pointing out there are neo (not to be confused with the peace-loving neon) Nazis who need to be stopped!

At which point, the Poles have a carte-blanch for a peace-keeping mission. A humanitarian operation in the West of Ukraine. Coincidentally, they get to expand their territories to the places that they consider historically part of Poland. Maybe even get the Black Sea connection that they’ve always wanted.

Hell, maybe even toss the Hungarians a piece to keep them happy.

They seem to think that part of Ukraine belongs to them as well… and who knows, perhaps a humanitarian mission in Carpathia from their side is in order as well…

Easy-peasy right? You just create a problem, and then provide a solution. A selfless plan, tbh. 

And all of it to distract from the discovery of the homeworld of the Engineer race.

That’s the third layer to this plan.

Which, again, I’m not sure that I should be sharing with you.

Top-secret stuff. 

Keep it between you and me.