Based Pastor Anderson ZOG’d by Bank of America

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 17, 2019

Bank of America just froze the accounts of Pastor Anderson’s church.

According to Anderson, Bank of America missed the lion’s share of his church’s money and he is still able to do his evangelizing work. So that’s good. Jesus gave them a freebie there.

But the lesson must be learned: it has become painfully clear that banks are wicked and evil. 

Furthermore, with the growth of peer-to-peer technology, there is no practical reason to keep banks around.

The only thing holding us back is Boomers clinging to their non-crypto ways because they’re lazy and can’t be bothered to learn how to read and write, type using a keyboard or connect to the internet. Once they’ve all been pillow’d, we can go fully cypherpunk with the cyber and make these fee-collecting banks obsolete.

From personal experience, I have always found Bank of America to be the absolute worst. Not only do they seem to exclusively hire dinduneeshas who also cannot type because their nails are too long/brains too small, but they also just suck at doing whatever it is that you need them to do. I’ve never had a good time at a Bank of America location and I hope that they cancel my account with them as well.

Christ literally had beef with the banks in his day. I think all Christians should just withdraw their money from banks and put it all into bitcoin to get this bull run back up on its feet. Although I am not a priest, I think it is clear that Jesus would support cryptocurrency over giving the vicious kikes who run these banks and fleece the goyim any money.

Pastor Anderson has a unique opportunity to come out strong for crypto right now having learned first-hand that you cannot trust the money-changers and you cannot trust anything that Boomers do. Whatever they do, do the opposite, which means getting your money out of these big banks.

That being said, I know first-hand just how volatile the crypto market is. 

If people felt more certain that their wealth wouldn’t be wiped out by whales playing around with the market, only then would they feel safe about getting their money out of the pockets of the kike banks.

It’s a shame that more isn’t being done to shut down these banks once and for all.

We have the means. We have the tech. We just lack the will. For now.