Based Palestinians Fly Massive Swastika Flag Before It is Shot Down by Jews

Based Palestinians have unfurled a huge flag honoring the Christian freedom fighter Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was famous for attempting to stop these Jews in the 1930s and 40s. He failed, but is still revered by those trying to stop these Jews.

The Jews have very bad memories of when Hitler tried to stop them, so the IDF Jew soldiers drove into Palestine to shoot down the flag.

Before the Jews posted the video of themselves shooting down the glorious and noble Nazi flag, people were claiming that the Jews photoshopped it.

Jew-lovers who also love Palestinians (for some reason I don’t understand) now have to face the fact that Palestinians hate the Jews as much as any normal person.

I guess that AOC can now use this as an excuse for why she supports sending money to the Jews to slaughter the Palestinians – the Palestinians are members of a global fascist movement associated clearly with Donald Trump, the Proud Boys, and Ted Cruz.

I couldn’t understand why people like Vaush, Hassan Piker, and AOC supported the Palestinians in the first place, since they are a group of Jew-lovers, who want to fight invisible fake white racism in the name of global hegemony by elite Jew billionaires. Now, they can’t even pretend to support Palestine, because it’s run by Hitler Nazis.

With this revelation of Palestine Hitlerism, all of these dumb leftists can get rid of this confusing kink in their ideology where they support everything the Jews do except in Palestine.

There’s only one Democrat who won’t be willing to go along with writing off Palestine due to their ties to Hitler.