Based Pajeet Lops Off Son’s Hand Over Fapping/Social Media Addiction

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2018

We’re going to need to take some serious measures to straighten out the next generation. I see it all the time when I go out – bullshit parents giving their kids tablets and Ipads to play with when they go out.

They are going to be completely wired to have porn and vidya and social media addiction.

So what do? Well, to be quite honest, I wish I had lost my right hand growing up so that I could have been more productive with my time.


A butcher in India, angered by his son’s addiction to online pornography, has chopped off his right hand as a brutal punishment for the teenager’s refusal to surrender his smartphone.

The barbaric incident unfolded near the city of Hyderabad, where an 18-year-old Mohammad Khalid Qureshi refused to obey repeated warnings from his 45-year-old father, who was trying to put an end to his son’s obsession with a brand-new smartphone.

On Sunday, the teenager was once again caught by his father, Mohammad Qayyum Qureshi, watching adult movies. Furious over the son’s “addiction,” Qayyum tried to snatch the phone from the teenager. Resisting the attempt, Khalid bit his father’s hand and fled, only returning home late at night when everyone in the household was asleep.

Poor Pajeet trying to get his fill of vagene and bobs will thank his father one day.

He will see his productivity treble and his IRL game increase as well.

Me personally, I recommend a more humane solution to the growing youth problem of porn addiction.

I kid.

Actually, the real story here isn’t the hilarious Turd World barbarism and masturbation lulz.

This story goes out to the filthy porn-making lazy whores out there. Consider this, ladies. Even fucking Pajeet has a smartphone in his disgusting ghetto now. Shit, he probably even has better data than I do.

And this is who you’re stripping down and getting dirty for. 

Bad enough that it’s horny teens who aren’t even of age, but it’s literally poo-dwellers that are wanking it to you, ladies.

And some might say, “why should I care?”

Well, every time I see White people debasing themselves in front of brown people it nauseates me. Because their behavior reflects on me. Brown people can’t really even tell us apart from each other – the same way I can’t really tell niggers and pajeets apart.

So they see all these whores on the internet and assume all White women are whores, and they treat them as such.

And then they see White liberals, and Hipsters and fags prancing about any fucking White city center and think that all White men are pussies and pushovers. I can see it in their eyes that they don’t respect Whites anymore. We’ve become a circus sideshow to the brown people of the world.

And that needs to stop.