BASED! Negress in Red Hat Scams Gullible Boomercucks Out of Pension Bucks!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2018

I ain’t even mad.

Hate is learned, and this negress just taught a lot of gullible White boomerfags a valuable lesson.

Raw Story:

A woman identifying herself as “Reformed Republican” posted a photo of herself in a “Make America Great Again” hat and announced she refused to hide any longer. The way the story ended, however, was not the way Republicans would have hoped.

“I will not hide any longer,, [sic] the left has made us feel as if us black republicans [sic] should hide!! but not anymore!! #BlacksForTrump #WalkAway #maga”

Not long after she tweeted again:

“thank [sic] you all so much for your overwhelming support. After seeing this tweet my parents cut me off and refuse to pay my university tuition. So if you can find it in your hearts to help, this young black Republican pay for school it would be appreciated.”

She showed text message conversations about finding a place to live and only having a part-time job because she’s in school. 

Lol. Damn.

Seriously, this negress really followed through and that’s respect-worthy.

She posted a GoFundMe link to a since-deleted request for help. She raised over $150,000 off of conservative donors. Once she was finally outed, she explained that it wasn’t stealing because Republicans aren’t people, to begin with. 



But hey, perhaps this is a learning moment?

Lol. Who am I kidding? These idiots will just huff and puff and call it another DemocRAT scheme to shift blame on the noble negro. They’re boomers!

At best, they will “take the high road” and wish this negress well in college and tell their friends, “well, at least she’s staying off the streets!”


Now, if it came to a fundraiser for a white kid, you better believe these cheapass boomers would become ham-fisted.


Well, because muh bootstraps, muh summer waiting tables, muh firm handshake, muh gumption and all their other enraging self-congratulatory bullshit.

Lol, vote for Trump in the midterms and then again in 2020 and then just die, please.

I feel such overwhelming second-hand cringe and embarrassment from your antics that I lack the words to even express what I feel and I say this as someone who writes like 5000 words a day.

Here have a meme from a beloved millennial cartoon, instead.