BASED Jews GUN DOWN Mud-Slimes Just for the Hell of It!

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2018

If you don’t wanna be shot, don’t march on ISRAELI territory, terrorist scum!

You can say what you want about Israel, but they sure know how to deal with these Moslems. In fact, we could learn a thing or two about counter-terrorism from the Jews.

Moslems are probably the greatest threat to America and the West. While Jews have caused us a few problems here and there, they’re a natural ally against these people (especially the traditionalist Jews that are opposed to globalism). I mean, at least Israel is a democracy like us – but these Moslems have no respect for our way of life.

So while we can still criticize the individual Jews who support the DEMONcrat globalist agenda, I think we need to think about forming an alliance with the Jews who have sympathy for our America-first Western chauvinistic agenda.


Israeli and Palestinian leaders blamed each other for the deaths of at least 16 Palestinians who were part of a mass protest along the Gaza border, with each side lobbing threats of escalating the violence.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Israel was “fully responsible” for killing his countrymen on Friday, and a video appearing to show an unarmed teenager being gunned down by Israeli sniper fire circulated on Palestinian media.

“Unarmed teenager.”

Yeah, right.

Turn your back on one of these “unarmed teenagers” and you’ll get a rock in the noggin, I tell ya.

The Israeli army argued that Gazan militants were using civilian protesters as cover as they fired at soldiers and tried to lay explosives near the border fence. The protest, which peaked at 30,000 participants on Friday and will run for the next six weeks, is “an organized terrorist operation,” the Israeli army said in a tweet on Saturday.

Yeah, that’s the tactic these coward terrorists always use. Who could blame the IDF for shooting them?

Hell, they should have bombed them and be done with it.

If anything, the Jews are too patient with these butt-rasiers.

“What we saw yesterday were attempts to launch rockets, attempts to carry out live attacks, Molotov cocktails, attempts to set fire to the security fence, and a lot of terrorist activity,” the Israel Defense Force said in separate tweets. “Nothing was carried out uncontrolled; everything was accurate and measured, and we know where every bullet landed. We are only interested in terrorists who are trying to disrupt Israeli life; we only act against them.”

These are your “good boys” who “didn’t do nuthin’.”

Look, Western civilization is on the brink of destruction. We’re surrounded by enemies. Can we really afford to turn our back on the only democracy in the Middle-East?

Every terrorist Israel kills is one less we have to worry about here in America. That’s a fact. And it’s not hard to understand.

Which way, White man?

IDF cuties?

Or Moslem goat-herders? You choice.