BASED Jews Drag Body with Bulldozer, Bomb Everyone

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2020

Jews are so based.

They don’t give a heck about the lives of anyone who isn’t a Jew and they’ll just drag them with bulldozers on video and when the goyim complain they will have their websites shut down.

New York Times:

A macabre tug of war over the body of a Palestinian militant on the Gaza-Israel border, captured Sunday on video in broad daylight, prompted a barrage of rocket fire from Gaza met by retaliatory Israeli airstrikes late Sunday.

Israel’s use of heavy machinery to retrieve a militant’s body earlier in the day drew harsh criticism even within the country. But Israel’s hawkish defense minister, Naftali Bennett, defended the army’s seizure of the body as appropriate, suggesting it could be used as a bargaining chip to recover the remains of two Israeli soldiers who have been held in Gaza since 2014.

The day of tensions began around 6:30 a.m. when, Israel said, its soldiers spotted two militants from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group placing an explosive near the border east of Khan Younis, in southern Gaza. Israel later released a surveillance video that it said showed the two men approaching the fence, and a photo of the explosive.

This video is the most legit thing I’ve ever seen.

I trust the New York Times and the government of Israel.

They’re totally justified in just bombing everyone, because after all, they’re God’s chosen ones.


The Israeli military launched a series of strikes targeting the Islamic Jihad movement in Syria and throughout Gaza, its spokesman confirmed on Twitter after Damascus’ air defenses intercepted hostile targets.

The attack on Syria took place close to midnight on Sunday, while Gaza was shelled earlier in the day. IDF spokesperson Avichay Adraee said on Twitter that “terrorist targets” belonging to Islamic Jihad came under fire in a rare admission of strikes against Syria.

A Syrian military source cited by SANA state TV said that most of the missiles failed to reach their targets and were intercepted. Damascus and surrounding areas frequently come under fire from the occupied Golan Heights, with one attack in early February endangering a passenger plane.

Tel Aviv justified the attack as a necessary response to the shelling of southern Israel on Sunday from Gaza by “Iran-backed Islamic Jihad.” The escalation came after the IDF killed a man they claimed had been planting explosives at the border, and removed his body with a bulldozer, outraging many Palestinians.

God’s chosen ones shouldn’t have to justify anything to anyone, ever.

Especially after the lampshading by Adolf Hitler. Jews were forced to impersonate roosters until they fell out of trees.

And the goyim think they’re owed an explanation when Jews decide to bomb random people?

Don’t make me laugh.

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