BASED Jew Dave Smith Takes Down KIKE Jew Ben Shapiro

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2019

Dave Smith, a Jewish Anarchist comedian, recently watched and commented on Ben Shapiro’s most recent speech on his university tour, wherein Shapiro attacked white people, yet again.

It’s quite a funny little clip.

Ben Shapiro: Let’s say you spend your days ranting about how conservatives and traditional classical liberals, you know, the sole protective force in America against the radical left “haven’t conserved anything.” You say that America is not a propositional or a credal nation, even though the nation’s founding document literally begins with the words “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.”

Dave Smith: Alright, so let’s pause.

Here’s the problem. I mean, look. There’s a lot of problems with this argumentation … from Ben Shapiro. I mean, number one, like, Ben Shapiro will refer to himself as a libertarian. He’s a neocon who will refer to himself as a libertarian, so for him to criticize Alt-Right people for referring to themselves as conservatives, I don’t know what to say.

And then to use this definition, that well, anyone who talks about white culture or white society is now on the Alt-Right and they’re not the real conservatives because they say conservatives haven’t conserved anything, and then invoke the Founders – I mean, you can see what the irony is here, right?

Like, the Founders wrote about “free white men.” Like, the only people who could own land – the only people who could vote were “land-owning white men.” They were very explicit about this.

So actually, in that sense, if you’re going to invoke the Founding Fathers, they kind of would be the true conservatives. And this is coming from someone who is not a conservative, I’m a fucking radical anarchist, but you know – have the conservatives conserved anything? Well, I’m sure there’s something. But couldn’t you see where someone would make that argument?

Like, if you were to say, with conservative’s position in the 90s was that marriage was between a man and a woman – you can’t get away with that in politics today. Literally, that’s just now, no, that’s evil.

If up until 1965, our immigration policy was specifically designed to take in more white people – so really, couldn’t you call, basically anyone before 1965 could meet this definition of like, “white nationalist” or “Alt-Right.”

So I mean, meh. If I’m just calling balls and strikes here, I get their point. 

This is literally just an objective examination of the situation from an uninvolved party.

Dave Smith I’m sure isn’t really a based Jew. I’m sure he promotes all kinds of horrible things. But he is just saying “well, this isn’t really much of a debate, is it?”

These Ben Shapiros and Charlie Kirks have really backed themselves into a corner. I’m not even really pushing for a purely white nation. In particular, it is obviously impossible to get rid of all of these blacks.

My core positions on demographics are basically:

  • Deport all illegal immigrants
  • Declare all anchor babies and foreigners awarded citizenship after 1965 as having been given citizenship through fraud, and selectively remove citizenship from large numbers of them
  • Reintroduce some form of segregation with the blacks
  • Introduce policies to increase the white birthrate
  • Reintroduce laws against miscegenation

So, any of the Founding Fathers would have called me a cuck.

And my positions are harder than those of Nick Fuentes, who definitely hasn’t talked about stripping citizenship from anyone.

This discussion is just completely nonsensical, because Shapiro and these people are making this completely false claim that they, and not us, are somehow the inheritors of the legacy of the Founding Fathers.

If they just came out, like the liberals do, and say that the Founding Fathers were evil and we have to transform the country, then we could have an honest and open discussion about their planned transformation.

But right now, it’s just completely stupid. There is zero honesty coming from these people. And that is why they won’t have any form of debate. There is no room for it, because their entire position is so precarious.