BASED Japs Exterminate Race-Mixed Monkeys

Daily Stormer
August 14, 2017

Next up – Koreans

Japan makes no compromises regarding racial purity, especially for their monkeys.

This is what a sane country looks like.


A Japanese zoo has killed 57 snow monkeys, nearly one-third of the species in the facility, for carrying “invasive alien” genes, zoo officials said, adding that the animals were all crossbreeds and culling them is legally allowed.

The incident took place in Takagoyama Nature Zoo in the city of Futtsu, Chiba Prefecture, some 45km from Tokyo.

Zoo officials discovered that of 164 Japanese macaques (also known as snow monkeys), at least 57 were crossbreeds with rhesus macaques.

The rhesus macaques are Unteraffe, and no amount of their DNA must be permitted in the superior Snow Monkey blood.

For those of you who don’t know the difference –

Rhesus macaques:

Japanese macaques:

Rhesus macaques are basically like niggers, except a little smarter. But obviously, not smart enough to fear the samurai.

The monkeys were killed by lethal injection, a Futtsu official told AFP, adding that the zoo operator held a memorial service for the macaques at a nearby Buddhist temple.

Well, they’re still under ZOG occupation, so they had to keep up appearances. I’m sure that if they were a truly free country, they would’ve ground them up, put a “DOG” label on them and then sold them to worst Korea.


The remaining 107 Japanese macaques will be kept in the zoo, which also promised to submit all new-born monkeys to DNA testing, Chiba Nippo newspaper reported.

According to Junkichi Mima, spokesman for conservation group WWF Japan, invasive species like rhesus macaques cause problems “because they get mixed in with indigenous animals and threaten the natural environment and ecosystem.”

Preventing exposures to foreign animals is very important,” Tomoko Shimura of the Nature Conservation Society of Japan added.

Can someone explain to me why this wouldn’t apply to other primates like, you know, us?

What is the argument for not doing the same with all primates?

The Japanese macaque is the only indigenous primate in Japan, according to the WWF. The rhesus macaque, in contrast, is native to a wide range of countries, including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Afghanistan, Vietnam and China. Both species are considered ‘Least Concern’ in terms of threat of extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Lesser, dumber creatures breeding non-stop and being content with life in any conditions, while smarter ones are being constantly brainwashed with (((overpopulation))), (((Snow guilt))), (((multiprimatism))) and other propaganda created by their (((greatest ally))).

But that is rapidly changing, and soon these vermin will be exterminated, like they should’ve been a long time ago.