Based Jap Bitch Tells White Women to Shape Up, They Throw Hissy Fit

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2019

The only people that White women feel comfortable being racist towards are East Asian women.

Because they hate any competition.

If there was a refugee flood of young women from East Asia or Eastern Europe, that Wall would be built so fast that your head would spin. Because the women currently blocking it from being built would be demanding it.

Does anybody want to really debate that point? These bitches would be hardcore race-nationalists overnight.

Seriously, they hate these yellow bitches.

Marie Kondo is a Japanese woman who has a new Netflix show called “Tidying Up” in which she teaches filthy Western pig-whores how to do basic female chores related to keeping house.

It’s quite cute. Basically just an English-subtitles language version of what slant-eyed women have been putting on YouTube since the site came out.

Because: yes.

When Western women were given the opportunity to broadcast themselves, they just went directly into sexual camwhoring to get money from their tits, while gook women went directly into teaching each other tricks for keeping house.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

The show features Kondo going to American homes and teaching white women how to clean their house.

White women, unsurprisingly, are not at all happy with this, and are on the verge of calling for the show to be canceled.

Take a look at this headline from The Guardian.

There are several like it over there, actually.

These western slags are freaking the fuck out that this woman is promoting sane housewife shit. They are literally seething because their whipped bfs are watching the show with them and starting to raise questions like: “why is my gf such a slob and a pig? Should I start beating her until her behavior improves?”

Kondo also teaches women the spiritual benefits of cleaning up.

Cleanliness next to godliness and all that.

She’s also legit a former Shinto shrine maiden.


Kondo’s method of organizing is known as the KonMari method, and consists of gathering together all of one’s belongings, one category at a time, and then keeping only those things that “spark joy” (ときめく tokimeku, the word in Japanese, means “flutter, throb, palpitate”), and choosing a place for everything from then on.

Kondo says that her method is partly inspired by the traditional Japanese Shinto folk religion. Cleaning and organizing things properly can be a spiritual practice in Shintoism, which is concerned with the energy or divine spirit of things (kami) and the right way to live (kannagara). 

She thinks that objects have energy and are alive and need to be taken care of well and with love.

Just like in my cartoons.

Meanwhile, lazy western pigs absolutely hate anyone who tries to get them to shape up and shut up.

Contrast that with the way that that crazy Canadian’s advice was received by western men.

When that Canadian told men to begin cleaning their rooms and washing their penises, men were eager to begin self-improving and helping one another to self-improve.

No man tore into Jordan Peterson because he made them feel inadequate by giving self-improvement advice. 

But these seething bitches are so entitled that they’re working up a lynch mob to attack this Shinto maiden.

I don’t know why we went with the whole “White Sharia” meme.

White Shinto is starting to look pretty good right about now.

Teaching women a spiritual system that revolves around getting joy and personal fulfillment from cleaning and keeping objects in a proper order would clearly require less energy than keeping them on a strict regiment of beatings and rape.

When the Stormer is ready to run a candidate by 2024, we’re going to run on a platform of closing the borders, kicking out the invaders, and importing Shinto maidens to get these western bitches to shape. the. fuck. up.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.