BASED Gook Buddhists in Myanmar Cleansing Their Country of Rohingya Ratmen

Daily Stormer
September 2, 2017

Just some common sense pest control

Remember when the kike media tells us that their flooding our lands with all sorts of racial vermin is “irreversible”? Well, the truth is that’s a lie. Territories can change their population composition very fast with just some very basic genocide.

After all, Palestine was around 90% non-kike until relatively recently, and the kikes only needed 2 generations to change that. The way they did it is the way we’ll do in Europe and north America.


Kutupalong Refugee Camp, Bangladesh (CNN)They have come in their thousands, crossing hills and rivers, marshes and rice paddies for the chance to cross into Bangladesh and escape the mass killings they say are being perpetrated against their people.

The UN estimates that, in just one week, almost 50,000 Rohingya — a stateless, ethnic Muslim minority who largely inhabit Myanmar’s western Rakhine state — have fled escalating violence.

Refugees tell CNN the Myanmar army attacked them. The government blames “terrorists” for initiating the violence.

And we all know how unlikely that is. I mean, where have you heard of Moslems committing terrorism?

Around 27,000 refugees have crossed into Bangladesh since last Friday, and a further 20,000 remain stuck in no-man’s land between the two East Asian nations.

The Rohingya vermin number around 1 million in Myanmar, and 27K is around 2.7% of the total. So the gooks solved 2.7% of the problem in just one week. Can you imagine how much faster we’re gonna do it when we start?

 On Thursday, the bodies of 20 Rohingya were pulled out of the Naf River along the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh. Twelve of the dead were children.

The testimonies of Rohingya sheltering in overcrowded Bangladeshi refugee camps are harrowing.

“They are beating us, shooting at us and hacking our people to death,” Hamida Begum, one refugee who has left everything behind in a desperate attempt to flee with at least their lives, told CNN.

“Many people were killed. Many women were raped and killed. We are very poor. My husband is a day laborer,” she said.

I have no way of knowing how much of this is a lie, and how much is true. This being about moslems, I’m obviously hoping it’s true, but again I have no way of knowing for sure. Moslems are all commanded by their idiot pedophile cult to lie, so that complicates things a little.

But the basic lesson stands: if you kill them, they will run.

 “We used to have two square meals a day. But we lost everything after the war started,” she said, referring to the outbreak of violence last Friday when Rohingya militants staged co-ordinated attacks on border posts, killing 12 security officers.

In response, the military intensified “clearance operations,” driving thousands of people from their homes.

Moslem invaders have killed thousands of our race in the last two decades, raped and gang-raped hundreds of thousands of women and children, and “our” governments are not only on their side, but actively fighting against anyone who even points it out. Meanwhile, these gooks are slaughtering them over a single attack with 12 casualties. Myanmar has a more responsible ruling class than any White country on the face of the earth – think about that.

 Government officials said Thursday that at least 399 people had been killed in fighting since last Friday. Of those, 370 were “terrorists,” they said. However, activists say the military has killed women, children and innocent men.

“Activists” here probably means what it means in the West – a bunch of faggots and deviants paid by some kike to sabotage their country.

Government officials said Thursday that at least 399 people had been killed in fighting since last Friday. Of those, 370 were “terrorists,” they said. However, activists say the military has killed women, children and innocent men.

No such thing as innocent pedo-worshipers. That includes their “women” and “children” too.

Both sides also blame each other for torching houses. The government says Rohingya militants have burned down more than 2,300 homes. The Rohingya says it’s the military that has attacking their houses.

Begum alleges that her family was tortured by the military and their accomplices, and that others were killed after failing to pay the soldiers a ransom.

“We had to flee to save our lives. They don’t allow us to move freely. We were deprived of everything… They are picking up people from home and asking them for ransom. Many of (those people) were shot dead.”



There are many ethnic groups in Myanmar “but only the Rohingya are hated by the government,” said Mohammad Harun, who was among those fleeing.

The Rohingya are a minority Muslim population in Myanmar, however they’re denied the right to citizenship despite having lived there for generations.

OMG, it’s like the gooks don’t believe that living on a certain patch of dirt long enough changes your DNA. They’re Nazis, YERROW NAZIS!

Last year, as many as 85,000 Rohingya crossed the border following a similar spate of violence. The persecution of this people has been going on for decades, said Sally Smith, Executive Director of the Nexus Fund, an NGO committed to “preventing mass atrocities.”

So they went from 85K in a year to 27K in a week. That’s what real progress looks like.

Also, LOL at the bitch trying to save the poor oppressed muds from getting genocided. This is why we need WHITE SHARIA! The lack of WHITE SHARIA is destroying the entire world, not just the West.

She says that Myanmar’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been “disappointing” in her refusal to condemn the attacks.

“She’s a Nobel peace prize winner and what it seems is happening is that she does care about peace for Buddhists, but not for the Rohingya.

“Right now she’s using language which is incredibly irresponsible and inflammatory, she’s saying that these are terrorists and that’s only going to increase what’s happening and the tensions that are rising and it’s going to give rise to civilian attacks against Rohingya as well.”

I’m shocked that she would put her own people above some man-shaped cockroaches who just decided to jump the fence into their country. Shocked, I tell you.

I hereby declare Aung San Suu Kyi an Honolaly Alyan. It’s official now, and unquestionable.

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