Based Chink Crafts Hand-Made Battle Tank, Calls All Stormers Out

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2018

When I first heard this story, my first thought was…KILLDOZER.

But alas, this based Chinaman did not get that far.

All he wanted to do was cash in on some internet fame by showing off his cool new toy.


A Chinese man who spent months converting a disused truck into a drivable novelty tank, complete with a gun turret and radar dish, has seen his invention confiscated by police.

The man, identified only by his surname, Huang, had spent two months building the ‘war machine’ from an old truck in the city of Laibin in Guangxi province, southern China, local news outlets report. By January 22, the lower half of the tank was ready and covered in camouflage paint. Huang hoped that taking his ‘tank’ on the road would win him that ever-coveted internet fame, and shared his exploits on social media.

But the Fun Police got to him before he could get anywhere with it.

They took his tank away ;_;

The authorities, however, failed to appreciate his craftsmanship. When Huang tried to take it for a drive, police, who’d been tracking his progress on social media, pulled him over and asked to see his license, which he didn’t have.

The officers then informed him that his vehicle – which had no glass, door or front number plate – had no permit. Huang was subsequently arrested and later had his driving license revoked, as well as being fined 1,750 yuan (US$278) for driving an unregistered vehicle and being in breach of road safety laws. Huang’s ‘tank’ was seized and will be destroyed.

Damn, dude. That sucks.

But I think there is a takeaway from this story. Some random peasant in China with too much free time was able to create a tank out of scrap metal.

There is no reason that we Stormers can’t do the same.

Every single member of the Alt-Right should be able to create his own mechanized weaponry.

Whether it is a Killdozer, or a legit tank or a Slav-copter…

You should be able to create modern killing machines by hand. The first Alt-Righter that writes a Dummy’s Guide to Hand-Made Mechanized Weaponry will make millions.

If you are a Weeb, I suggest trying your hand at Gundams.

But seriously, imagine how feared the Alt-Right would be if our enemies knew that everyone of us was capable of creating a tank on our own or using hand-made scrap-metal helis to rain Zyklon canisters on Holocaust museums in a scorched earth reign of terror against the kikes on DOTR.


See, in the future ethnostate, EVERYONE will take mandatory classes on how to build advanced weapons systems in place of English class. Those who DON’T know how to make their own tank will be automatically assumed to be homosexuals…and subsequently fed as live fuel to the new generation of sentient tanks.

I suggest everyone get a leg-up now while they still can and hit the books. Frankly, I’m ashamed that we don’t have our own hand-made tank yet.

This based chinaman totally showed us all up.

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