BASED: Canadian City Only Injecting Nonwhites with Deadly Coronavirus Vaccine

The completely BASED City of Hamilton in Canada has announced that it only wants to inject nonwhites with the experimental coronavirus “vaccine” which has been responsible for suffering and death across the planet.

The Mayor of Hamilton, Fred Eisenberger, is a top tier Aryan warrior, born in the Netherlands and likely descended from Nazi SS men. He’s doing a great service to the Aryan race by poisoning these minorities with this deadly vaccine.

Most men wouldn’t have the nerve to so boldly tell blacks to line up and get injected with deadly chemicals. Mayor Eisenberger laughs at their stupidity as he plunges the plunger.

Using the vaccine to wipe out minorities is a great idea. I have long supported wiping out minorities using chemical weapons.

However, in many countries, governments are giving this deadly vaccine to white people, and demanding that white people take it.

The City of Hamilton has gotten it right: it should be very easy to spin the Black Lives Matter “systemic racism” hoax together with the coronavirus virus hoax and simply exterminate these “people.” At the very least, the vaccine is almost certain to sterilize them.

Ultimately, I suppose I will have to admit that it is better to get the whites who are stupid enough to take this vaccine out of the gene pool as well.