Based Brown Girl Doubles Down on Anti-Semitism; Compares G-d’s Chosen to Filthy Caravan Subhumans

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2018

To all of you who doubted /ourbrowngirl/ where are you now?

Oh, that’s right. Masturbating in your parents’ basement to your Chinese cartoons and not out YAS QUEEN SLAYING like our girl Alexandria is in the heart of ZOG-City Washington, DC.


Just as Jews sought refuge from Nazi Germany, members of the migrant caravan have every right to ask for asylum in the US, Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has argued, prompting both applause and jeers on Twitter.

Sick burn.

I too would get mad at being compared to the walking gutter-trash of the Third World, even if I was only a half-step removed from being genetic detritus myself like most filthy kikes are.

I’m not lying, look!

And you dare wonder why I want to bang this crazy brown communist chick?

The self-described “democratic socialist” expressed her outrage over a Sunday altercation on the US-Mexico border, in which US guards used tear gas to disperse migrants who tried to force their way into the United States. The San Ysidro crossing, a busy entry port between Tijuana and San Diego, was temporarily closed following the clashes, and several dozen migrants were arrested on the US side of the border.

Hmm. It seems strange that /ourgirl/ would be so adamantly in favor of the caravan. Perhaps there is something that we don’t know?

Perhaps there are Hezbollah and Hamas freedom fighters secretly being smuggled across the border?

In which case, Alexandria is clearly trying to ferry them across the border so that they can link up with Matt Heimbach and start a kike-killing Aryan insurgency.

I don’t know if Cortez will join up as a brown freedom fighter herself or keep it cool and on the down-low while she continues to infiltrate Washington…

It can go either way with her, really.

The bitch is sexy AF and no sane man can deny that, but she’s also a stone-cold Aztec heart-eater – and that means I’m keeping the gun loaded and on my person even during the act, John McAfee style.

John knows not to relax around blacks. 

And frankly, the only people who seem to not like the new and improved brown Eva Braun are Boomers, Jews and White women.

In short, a who’s who roster of all of our mortal enemies. 

Furthermore, as a Millennial, I want some of that free shit that she’s promised me and mine.

I don’t care if it “bankrupts” the government or whatever the fuck that means.

Furthermore – and let’s “talk turkey” here – we’ve got like, what, 15 years tops before there’s either a mass exodus out of America for Russia or the RaHoWa takes off in earnest, right?

The way I see it, we Millennials gotta get while the getting is good right now. We must become the greedy Boomers to defeat the scheming Jews.


Besides, literally, everyone has taken their cut or is lined up at the trough right now, trying to get while the getting’s still good and the RaHoWa still a few years away except my generation. And that’s not fair.

At the rate things are going, some civ-cuck boomer with 15 years worth of hoarded ammo, nutrient-rich fat folds and man-titties with a secret stash of Mountain Dew is going to outlast me in the race war.

So if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to give me some free government greenbacks that I can spend on ammo and Dew, I’m fine with that trade-off.

Overall, there’s nothing to not like about this bitch.

Unless you like kikes and dislike getting free stuff from the government…

In which case you need to leave. 

No chumps allowed here. 

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