BASED: Brooklyn Bomber Jew had Tattoo Reminding Him to Kill His Rabbi

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2019

This is based af.

Anyone who has a tattoo reminding them to murder anyone I’ve got respect for. Just on principle: a tattoo on your arm reminding you to murder someone is serious business. But if it’s specifically a reminder to murder a rogue rabbi, then you are a hero to me.

I guess there really are some good Jews.

New York Post:

The Pennsylvania man arrested for allegedly torching a Brooklyn rabbi’s home on Thursday had such a burning grudge against the religious leader that he tattooed a reminder on his forearm to “Never let go of the HATRED” and “KILL” the rabbi.

Cops arrested Matthew Karelefsky, 41, of McKeesport, Pa. on Sunday and charged him with arson and two counts of attempted murder, for setting ablaze the Midwood home of Rabbi Jonathan Max early Thursday. The inferno leapt to two neighboring buildings and left 13 injured.

According to photos reviewed by The Post, the ink reads: “Never let go of the HATRED – KILL Rabbi Max YEMACH SHMO” — the final words a Hebrew phrase calling for the obliteration of the rabbi’s name. In social media posts from 2018, a person named Matthew Karelefsky claims that the rabbi molested him.

“That’s nonsense,” Rabbi Max told The Post on Sunday. “I have the man’s own explanation — it’s as crazy you would imagine.”

From what I’ve read, in any religious Jewish community, everyone gets molested. It’s just part of the deal.

We also have religious passages in the Talmud condoning this sort of thing.

Karelefsky blamed the rabbi for the dissolution of his marriage in a 30,646-word “memoir” posted to Facebook in 2016.

Nowhere in the rambling account of his life — which includes personal details about how he first started to masturbate and once wished his own son would step in front of a bus — did Karelefsky level any molestation accusations against the rabbi, according to a copy of the screed obtained by the Post.

Yeah, I mean – why bother even mentioning it? A rabbi sexually molesting you is much more mundane in the Jew community than the first time you masturbate.

Anyway, whatever.

Not really trying to get too deep here into weird Hebrew socio-sexual norms.

It’s just a pretty funny story.