BASED Black Politician Who Claimed Kikes Control the Weather Makes Trip to Holocaust Museum and Praises Nazis

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2018

When we establish the ethnostate, I suggest we make this nog the KANG of an African resource colony.

This BASED Black man with a swastika armband informed the people of Washington, DC of the Jewish plan to control the weather.

I don’t know that Jews actually do control the weather, but I feel comfortable blaming them for it regardless.

Unfortunately, he cucked and went to a Holohoax museum to apologize to Schlomo.

Or did he cuck…?

Daily Mail:

A DC councilman who sparked outrage with his anti-Semitic comments about Jews controlling the weather made even more offensive remarks during a disastrous ‘conciliation’ visit to the Holocaust museum on Wednesday.

Council member Trayon White defended Nazis during the 90-minute guided tour of the museum – and then dropped off the tour early.

While viewing a photograph from 1935 of a woman surrounded by Nazi soldiers with a sign hanging from her neck that read: ‘I am a German girl and allowed myself to be defiled by a Jew,’ White asked, ‘Are they protecting her?’

‘No,’ the guide explained to White, according to the Washington Post. She added, ‘They’re marching her through.’

‘Marching through is protecting,’ White said.


To make matters worse, White left early, texting Rabbi Batya Glazer, a director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, who was also in attendance, that he was expected at a meeting. However, White was seen walking around aimlessly outside of the museum.

Ain’t nobody got time for this.

Then, an aide of White who remained on the tour, made a shocking comment.

The guide was telling the tour about how 450,000 Polish Jews were crowded into one small area, the aide of White asked if the ghetto was similar to ‘a gated community.’

The Rabbi quickly explained to the aide: ‘Yeah, I wouldn’t call it a gated community,’ she said. ‘More like a prison.’

You know your narrative is in shambles when not only nogs can see through your lies, but politicians in your largest colony are directly calling you out on them.

The Jews are losing all of their power, and it’s a fantastic thing to watch.