Based (Also Redpilled) Iowa Mommy Defies Fauci, Refuses to Close Bars and Gyms…!

When I heard that Governor Kim of Iowa was refusing to do a full lockdown, I briefly ran through my memory looking for any logs of the governor of Iowa being a Korean man.

But no: Governor Kim is indeed a mommy.

She is the one mommy who is not only based, but equally redpilled.

The Guardian:

Iowa’s governor, Kim Reynolds, is refusing to enforce a White House coronavirus taskforce recommendation to close bars and require people to wear masks after Covid-19 infections in some of the state’s cities surged.

Meanwhile, coronavirus cases have risen sharply across the whole midwest in recent weeks putting the region at the forefront of America’s pandemic. The region accounted for six of the eight states with the highest number of new Covid-19 cases by early September even as infections fell in other parts of the US previously among the worst hit.

North Dakota has the largest number of positive cases per capita in the country over the past 14 days. Iowa and South Dakota are enduring the highest percentage increases. Missouri has seen more than 1,300 new cases a day on average over the past week.

In Iowa, the increase was centered on university towns following the return of students to classes. By late August, two of the state’s cities, Ames and Iowa City, were enduring the worst coronavirus surges in the country. The per capita infection rates were higher than any individual country.

Amid warnings that the failure to enforce masks and social distancing was likely to cost hundreds of additional lives in the coming months, the White House taskforce said in a report on 31 August that bars “must be closed” in 61 of Iowa’s 99 counties and seating in restaurants should be limited. It also recommended restrictions on the size of gatherings in the worst hit counties along with the closure of gyms.

“Community transmission continues to be high in rural and urban counties across Iowa, with increasing transmission in the major university towns,” the report warned. “Mask mandates across the state must be in place to decrease transmission.”

But Reynolds has limited bar closures to six counties including those with the universities. She would go no further than “strongly encouraging” people to wear masks, saying that they were “not a silver bullet”.

“I still believe it’s up to the governors in the various states to make those decisions,” the governor said.

Missouri’s governor, Mike Parson, has also consistently resisted making masks obligatory in public spaces, instead issuing guidelines recommending their use while questioning their effectiveness. Authorities in the state’s major cities, including St Louis and Kansas City, have imposed their own mandatory requirements.

In July, Anthony Fauci, the president’s lead coronavirus expert, urged the midwest’s political leaders to follow the science by warning that the region should learn from the surge in cases in southern states during the summer.

The University of Washington’s Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation has predicted that without mandatory masks, the number of daily coronavirus deaths in Iowa will be six times higher than if 95% of people used face coverings.

Why not six million times higher?

Why not six bazillion times higher?

Why not infinity time infinity higher?

At this point, anyone who takes any of these predictions about deaths seriously should be sectioned.

Even if you don’t believe these people are lying, they have been so wrong, so consistently, that taking them seriously shows that you have something severely wrong with you. It is not normal for humans to be lied to over and over again and keep believing the liars. A person who does that has something broken with the pattern recognition mechanism in his brain.

Anthony Fauci is an employee of Bill Gates. He has literally received unknown sums which were probably very large from Gates. Gates, as we all know, is shilling a coronavirus vaccine, which he stands to make massive amounts of money off of.

Fauci’s name is listed right on the Gates Foundation website as a member of the board of directors of the “Global Vaccine Action Plan.”

Here’s a screenshot:

Moreover, the Gates Foundation had just delivered mountains of cash to the Imperial College London when they started shilling that “flatten the curve” lunatic graph based on the idiotic lie that the coronavirus had a 5% fatality rate.

This is all clear, absurd levels of conflict of interests, and no one is pointing it out because the media is controlled by coronavirus shills and anyone who tries to point this out is automatically banned from basically the entire internet.

Seriously: you see my writing. You’re reading my writing. I’m a more interesting writer than virtually all living journalists, and I’m also delivering the facts. But I’m not allowed to spread this information to normies. Everyone who tells any truth about anything is banned from everything and the average person is not exposed to anything other than paid shilling.

The whole “predictions of mass death” thing has gotten so silly that they’ve dialed it back and are instead just talking about infections. As if just getting infected with a virus with a 99.95% recovery rate is a reason to shut everything down and destroy society.

I don’t know why Governor Kim is so based, but I suspect it is because she is completely redpilled.

Did you see what she said about Black Lives Matter?