Barry Will Not Bury the Negroids of New Orleans – Lands After Being Downgraded to Tropical Storm

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2019


Barry isn’t even a hurricane.

This is like a porno actor who can’t get an erection.

The Advocate:

Barry made landfall as a tropical storm on Saturday afternoon.

The storm, which was upgraded to a category 1 hurricane at 10 a.m., was downgraded to a tropical storm once again. IT will dump massive amounts of rain on southeast Louisiana, forecasters have said.

The Baton Rouge area is under a tropical storm warning until further notice.

Really a bummer.

People are just leisurely driving around on lawnmowers.

I’m afraid we’re not going to see any looting videos at all, friends.

Let alone FEMA putting a bunch of black people in plastic coffins.

Original article follows.

The thing that is important to understand about black people is that they’re stupid.

Like, if you tell them a hurricane is coming and about to wreck them, they either don’t pay attention, think you’re lying, or start fantasizing about all the looting they’re going to do once that bitch hits home.

So none of them are going to leave, and many of them are going to die. It will of course cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars, but it will be pretty funny.

New York Post:

Experts estimate that the total damage and economic loss caused by Tropical Storm Barry — which is set to deliver a punishing blow to the Gulf Coast this weekend, possibly as a hurricane — will be upwards of $10 billion.

“It’s no Katrina,” explained AccuWeather senior meteorologist and lead hurricane forecaster Dan Kottlowski. “But this, by far, will be a very damaging weather event.”

Barry, which was strengthening throughout the day Friday, was slated to become a potential Category 1 hurricane before making landfall along the Louisiana coast sometime overnight. New Orleans and parts of southwestern Mississippi were expected to get the worst of it.

“Even though it’s only a Cat 1, it’s still serious and very problematic,” Kottlowski told The Post. “New Orleans had already gotten 10 inches of rain over the last 36 hours and some places were already facing major flooding problems. Also, the Mississippi River has been flooding. So right now, New Orleans is looking at a significant rise in water.”

Meteorologists expect the storm surge in NoLa to be between 3 to 5 feet — with up to 18 inches of rain forecast for the entire region.

Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the city in 2005, had a storm surge between 25 and 28 feet, according to Kottlowski.

Maybe it will pick up speed and be another Katrina.

Because I’ll tell you what, that Katrina was hilarious.

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