Barron Trump Tests Positive for Deadly Coronavirus, Expected to Die Immediately

The only thing worse than crashing a Kawasaki is getting Kawasaki disease

Sadly, Barron Trump has the coronavirus.

He will probably already be dead from it by the time you read this. The virus works fast, folks.

New York Times:

Barron Trump, the president’s youngest son, tested positive for the coronavirus after his parents did earlier this month, Melania Trump, the first lady, revealed on Wednesday, adding that he has since tested negative.

President Trump announced early on Oct. 2 that he and his wife had tested positive, and the White House had said Barron, 14, had tested negative. But Mrs. Trump said in a statement on Wednesday that “my fear came true when he was tested again and it came up positive.”

“Luckily, he is a strong teenager and exhibited no symptoms,” she said. Mr. Trump, speaking briefly to reporters as he left the White House for a rally in Des Moines, said Barron was doing “fine.” Later, in Iowa, the president shrugged off his son’s case, telling supporters, “I don’t even think he knew he had it — because they’re young and their immune systems are strong and they fight it off.”

Mrs. Trump did not say when Barron tested positive, and White House officials did not say why they did not reveal it at the time. But the president and first lady have generally tried to shield Barron from news media coverage.

A White House official said Barron had not been in contact with anyone outside his family and the residence staff since his positive test. St. Andrew’s Episcopal, the school in Maryland he attends, has been all virtual.

Many have claimed that young people do not die from the coronavirus. But this is not true. Young people get the Kawasaki disease and die, because of coronavirus. This was accurately and incessantly reported by the New York Times (herehere and here), and confirmed by Anthony Fauci, who is the smartest man on earth and has been right about everything so far.

Barron’s father, Donald Trump, a man serving as President of America, is also infected with the deadly coronavirus.

He has not died from the virus yet, but is expected to in the next few hours.

So far, over 80% of the population of America has died from the coronavirus.