Barbados Sets Up Virtual Embassy in Virtual World

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This is not Facebook’s “Meta,” it’s a “digital world” developed as an ERC-20 scam.

But this is apparently what we’re looking at in the longer run here – corporations and nations establishing presences in these MMORPG type digital worlds, and people being expected to live in those worlds.


The tiny Caribbean island of Barbados has extended its diplomatic outreach to the virtual world, having signed an agreement with a blockchain-based platform to establish a digital embassy in a first for sovereign nations.

The Barbadian government officially signed an agreement to establish a digital embassy in Decentraland, a user-owned, Ethereum-based digital environment, on Sunday, CoinDesk reported, citing the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. The tech platform also noted the move in a tweet.

The island does not plan to stop its digital expansion at that, and is ironing out details for similar deals with a number of other virtual reality platforms, including Somnium Space and SuperWorld, according to the ministry.

When officials first approved the metaverse embassy in August, the government called the project a form of “technology diplomacy,” saying it could open doors to further cultural exchange with other nations.

Set sometime in January, the opening of the embassy will make Barbados the first country in the world to recognize “digital sovereign land.” Though the initiative is still in an early phase and somewhat experimental, it follows other moves into the cyber realm in recent years, including the creation of an electronic Barbadian dollar in 2016. That concept was spearheaded by the country’s current envoy to the United Arab Emirates, Gabriel Abed, who’s also leading efforts to set up the metaverse embassy.

Basically, the governments of the world are in the process of turning the real world into a total hell. They will then dump you into these virtual worlds, first with the headset and then with a computer chip in your brain.

It’s basically just the Matrix. Only with the Matrix, it was about using you as a battery. This virtual world will just be about wasting your time until you die from the vaccines. Probably, they’ll also experiment on you, once you’ve got a computer chip in your brain.

Meanwhile, the elite themselves are going to turn themselves into immortal cyborg overlords and invade outer space. At least, that is the plan.

I’m very tired of people saying that we sound insane for saying this. The fact that it is happening is what is insane.

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