Barack Obama’s Wife, Serena Williams, Attacks Empress Melania!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 21, 2016

The first lady, Serena Williams, went on with the Celtic Shill Stephen O’Colbert and attacked Empress Melania.

You might say “who is this gorilla attempting to appeal to?”

Well, ugly women. I guess.

The weirdest part was that Serena flirted with O’Colbert on the show, rubbing his leg and saying “I’d like to pour my skim milk over a bowl of your lucky charms.”

At this point, several members of the audience got up and walked out, and four people began vomiting.

They allegedly had sex afterwards.


Wow just wow.

O’Colbert also ran a clip of Serena going to a zoo and touching monkeys, which to be honest, I thought was really brave, because monkeys have a lot of diseases and are known to bite.


Because of his intense hatred for Donald Trump, O’Colbert’s ratings have sunk like a Libyan raft.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert dipped to a new low with viewers 18-49, trailing in third place in the demo and among total viewers.

Stephen Colbert recently marked his first year as host of The Late Show, but there wasn’t much to celebrate given the show’s falling ratings. For the week of September 5, the CBS late-night series fell from a 0.39 to a 0.36 demo rating. That’s below its previous low of 0.38 that it set in June, hitting an all-time low in the demo since Colbert succeeded David Letterman as host of The Late Show early last September. The talk show trailed both The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live in the 18-49 demo and in total viewers, averaging 1.98 million viewers for the week.

NBC had another dominant week with The Tonight Show once again leading the way with a 0.97 rating, rising significantly from its previous 0.81. It also took the top spot among total viewers with an average of 3.42 million viewers between September 5-9. Late Night with Seth Meyers also rose, ticking up to a 0.52 adults 18-49 demo rating from a 0.42 for the week before, achieving its best ratings since January while averaging 1.61 million viewers. Jimmy Kimmel Live also had a good week, beating Colbert by a wide margin with a 0.46 rating and 2.06 million viewers.


O’Fallon has 2.5 times as many viewers as O’Colbert.