Barack Obama, The Militant Leader of the African Occupation of America, Says John Lewis is a New “Founding Father”

Barack Obama, the militant leader of the black occupation of the United States, delivered a eulogy for the dead black bastard John Lewis on Thursday. He used the opportunity of a eulogy to promote a violent, radical, Marxist agenda for America that is in stark contrast to what he did as president.

Obama condemned the history of America as “dark history,” and talked about a long journey to higher ideals – which sounded like a lot of gibberish to most people who heard it.

Obama said that when we finally reach the “blessed destination” of total black domination of America, John Lewis would be a new “founding father” of the future.

This clearly speaks to the fact that the blacks and the communists are attempting to replace our American history with a new history of black communism.

He also took time to promote the hoax that cops are attacking “peaceful demonstrators,” referring to the riots across America where blacks and communists are attacking cops and starting fires everywhere. Despite the fact that most of these riots are allowed by the police, any attempt to curtail them at all is viewed by the black terrorist lunatic Obama as an unacceptable attack on the black racial revolution.

He then said that trying to stop a mail-in voting election was similar to stopping blacks from voting somehow.

He then spread a bunch of kookery about how criminals should be able to vote, and how we have to abolish the filibuster in the Senate in order to finally fulfill the revolution.

It was really a manifesto that this man used the opportunity of a dead black man to promote.

What is perhaps much more relevant than all of this, however, is that the Republicans are endorsing black revolution.

Ted Cruz went to the funeral to worship the corpse of the black communist figure.

George W. Bush, who is a long-time supporter of black communist revolution, actually, literally, gave a speech at the Lewis funeral.

The problem is our own elected officials, who do not represent us. Of course black communists are going to promote black communism, and of course we should oppose that. But we’re already opposed to that. What we need now is people to fight against it. None of the people who we’ve elected do fight against it, so we need to start figuring out how to elect new people.

Or, at least, that would have been the plan if we hadn’t gotten into this situation with the incoming election. If Joe Biden wins, that will be the end of voting in America as it has previously existed. That will be the dawn of a new age of totalitarian rule in America. We will never again be offered the opportunity to oppose this Jewish, communist system, as the velvet mask will be torn off the iron glove and we will be left face-to-face with the beast itself.

The beast will not be some cozy old-timey negro soul song of the sort Barack Obama was selling at the Lewis funeral. No no.

It will be a demonic beast that will rip your children from their beds in the night and send them off to rape factories to be shot full of chemicals and passed around to violent homosexuals.

It will be the terror of cowering in your home while the negro mob with their howling fat white female harpies in tow march through the streets of your neighborhood at night, hoping and praying that they do not choose your house to take out their anger on.

It will be the eternal spiritual sadness that you feel when your church is desecrated, the Cross and the images of Christ torn down and smashed, and then the building is burned, or turned into a place of sodomy or some other satanic ritual.

It will be the feeling of utter and complete aloneness that you feel when you are told that you must stay in your home indefinitely, because of the threat of a virus. It will be the confusion of not knowing what is going on outside, as you know that the media is lying to you, but you have no ability to understand what it is they are lying about.

It will be the sick feeling in your stomach, when they finally come for you, to drag you off to an undisclosed location, because you are suspected of having the virus, or you are suspected of being a racist, or a Christian, or whatever other thing which has been banned in our glorious new revolutionary society.

This is what we are facing and it is coming now, it is coming fast, and you need to think about how you are going to deal with it. If you have any ability at all to get outside of the major cities, you need to do it. Now. Do it now. Do not wait. They are going to lock these cities down, and you will not have a way out.

If you want to wait until the election, then do so, but understand that after the election, if Donald Trump does not prevail, you will have a few short weeks to escape.

Understand this. This is real life. If people are telling you, “oh, it won’t be that bad,” they are doing that to hurt you, or because they themselves are too big of cowards to face reality.