Baptist Mega Church Pastor Warns That Obama is Paving the Way for Weird Christian Sci-Fi World

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2014

Rev Robert Jeffress seems more concerned about getting rich than saving souls.  Which is definitely a pattern with these people.

The modern Neo-Christian science fiction like interpretation of the Bible, which focuses on the Book of Revelations as revealing a literal “end times” is becoming more and more difficult to push.  But the preachers keep doing it.

Reverend Robert Jeffress makes a mighty good living doing it, and just did it on the Bill O’Reily Show.

From the Washington Times:

Mr. Obama’s role in this journey is “conditioning” people to rely on the government, Mr. Jeffress said, during the Fox interview. That plays into prophesies of a “future world dictator before Christ returns who’s going to usurp people’s personal rights [and] change God’s laws … without any opposition,” the pastor said. “So people will have been conditioned long before the anti-Christ comes to accept government overreach, and that’s what you’re seeing with President Obama,” he went on.

Mr. Jeffress specified that he’s “not saying President Obama is the anti-Christ. In fact, I’m sure he’s not, because the anti-Christ is going to have higher poll numbers.”

But Mr. Obama is paving the path — namely with his birth control mandate and his reach-out to gays with his “redefinition of marriage,” he said, Mediaite reported. Gay marriage is a “counterfeit” of real marriage, he added, and “whenever you say marriage is whatever you want it to be … people say why bother getting married at all.”

Well, Mr. Jeffress, the problem I’m see here is that our rights have already been usurped, and God’s laws already changed, and you – the religious community – have failed to offer any significant opposition.

It appears that this prophecy business, far from aiding people in spiritual development, causes American Christians to resign themselves to being destroyed, when it would still be relatively easy to stand up and change things.  The spiritual development would be in the fight against evil.  But these folks seem to believe that fighting against the evil that is pressing down on us would be fighting against the return of Christ, which they believe is not something spiritual, but a literal coming down out of the sky, like the aliens do in the TV series “V.”

Modern American Christians would do well to stop looking for future boogiemen, and stand up and fight against the spirit of the Antichrist which has already surrounded them.
Modern American Christians would do well to stop looking for future boogiemen, and stand up and fight against the spirit of the Antichrist which has already surrounded them.

This befuddling “literal” interpretation speaks to the larger problem of materialism in American society – the human spiritual battle to achieve transcendence spoken of in poetic terms in the scriptures is reduced to a fantasy about future supernatural happenings.

These prophecies also seem to have a consistent focus on the Jewish state of Israel, and Jews as the “chosen ones.”  Which definitely doesn’t help anything.  This stuff is largely rooted in the Scofield Reference Bible, which was funded and produced by Jews, promoted by various Jew puppets.

Obama is clearly an Antichrist, and forcing Antichrist doctrines upon us, as the preacher states, but why do we need to add the scifi stuff?  What sort of a people mixes spirituality with dystopian science fiction?

In many ways, the modern American Christian obsession with Biblical prophecy has transformed Christianity into a completely different religion altogether.  No longer do we look at the evil around us, but instead project it into the future.  We accept the lie that we are, as a species, pre-destined for destruction, and thus do not bother fighting for what we believe.  Eventually, we give up entirely, as by deciding that we have no ability to affect our situation, we have given up our very humanity, which is rooted in our capacity to change the world around us.

In this way, all of this science fiction prophecy business which has invaded the American Christian soul has led to pure nihilism, and thus a rejection of the faith entirely by the younger generation, as clearly, if one has resigned himself to nihilism, why should he not also be a heathen?

The death of Christianity has been the death of America.  Whether one is religious or not, one can see that as the faith was lost, so was our control over our own society.  In order for us to rise again, the true message of Christianity must be restored, and the Antichrist doctrine of a future Antichrist dismissed.

The Antichrist is already here.  He is Satan and the Devil and the Beast 666, and he is what he has always been: The Jew.

The Jew is the physical manifestation of the darkest urges of men which reside in all of our flesh, and it is only by defeating our inner-Jew that we shall defeat the outer-Jew.  And both are defeated the same way: by standing up and fighting.