Banned from Everything, Stefan Molyneux Remains a Devout Shill

Stefan Molyneux: Good actor. Not much substance though.

When I was banned from everything, I told everyone to get on board and defend my rights, because the beast would come for them next. These people could have simply said: “I don’t agree with this horrible racist person who says many mean things that hurt many feelings, but everyone deserves freedom of speech.”

Very few right-wing people actually did defend me. Tucker Carlson and Sargon of Akkad are the only figures off the top of my head who I can remember making a point to stick up for me.

Paul Joseph Watson, presumably foreseeing this current situation, did send out a single tweet. So, cheers to him for that. Infowars published a repost of an article about my ban, but Alex Jones never mentioned me on air (to my knowledge).

Stefan Molyneux was the absolute worst, however. This individual actually banned people from his chat for mentioning me.

Meanwhile, the LA times defended me.

Obviously, for these right-wing pundits, it wasn’t a fear of being “associated” with me. They could have said the same thing the LA Times said – “obviously it’s horrible content, blah blah blah – but what about free speech?” They skipped that option and played dumb, doing great damage to themselves in a “first they came for… and I said nothing” situation, because they hated me and didn’t want to acknowledge my existence. It was personal bitterness, because I broke the rules of the online right-winger game and just told the whole truth and nothing but.

A month ago, Molyneux was unceremoniously dumped like a worthless corpse from both YouTube and Twitter, ostensibly for criticizing Black Lives Matter.

Now, he is reduced to existing on the outskirts with the rest of the lawless, residing on DLive and BitChute.

Promoting the Mainstream Media “Freedom Democracy” Hong Kong Hoax

This is what his “about” page on DLive says at time of writing:

I’m sick of having to explain to people how idiotic it is to make an issue of “Hong Kong freedom.”

You can go through the whole thing about how all of the issues themselves are a total hoax, but people will accuse you of being a Chinese shill when you do.

I do it anyway.

I recently wrote a comprehensive article explaining the Hong Kong situation.

But let’s go through it in bullet points:

  • Hong Kong was created by the British to sell illegal drugs to the Chinese. They signed a 99-year lease for the country in 1898. It was given back to the Chinese in 1997.
  • Hong Kong is legally a part of China and is recognized as such by everyone.
  • The people of Hong Kong were offered British passports. The people who stayed in Hong Kong didn’t want them.
  • The riots started from protests over an extradition law. The law was created because a Hong Kong national killed his girlfriend in Taiwan and fled to Hong Kong, and Hong Kong had no legal means to extradite him.
  • Very early on, the protesters became rioters and invaded and vandalized government buildings. White powder was thrown on cops.
  • The riots were started by twenty-something homosexuals who were educated at Western-backed facilities.
  • The riots were planned and funded by the United States State Department, through the National Endowment for Democracy.
  • The rioters were violent Antifa maniacs who would randomly attack people on the street for being nationalists (identical to the Antifa situation in America).
  • The demands of the rioters made no sense. It is totally unclear what they were asking for, and none of it was stuff that could be negotiated, other than the girlfriend murderer bill, which was withdrawn.
  • Hong Kong is in the top five richest cities in the world, and these people have literally nothing to riot about.
  • After over a year of riots, the anti-riot bill that was passed in July was simply to address riots. It banned large gatherings on the street. (I don’t know what they were supposed to do. It was a situation of total civil unrest, and a whole lot of people got hurt. Further, there was no solution offered by the rioters. They seemed to want to become a colony of Britain again, which is not possible.)

Any person with an IQ over 90 could figure all of this out. It’s very straightforward, and none of it is even denied by the Western media. They just say “the Hong Kong protesters are worried about freedom” without explaining which freedoms or what their worries are. It’s all a gigantic hoax.

Democracy means men in black masks breaking into the mall and burning the Christmas tree. Because of freedom.
This man demonstrates his hatred for freedom by trying to extinguish the flame of the torch of human rights values.

But none of that actually matters. What matters is that Hong Kong doesn’t matter. Molyneux says, “As goes Hong Kong, so goes the West – and the world” – but he does not explain why. What link does the West or the rest of the world have to this particular Chinese city?

Why should anyone who isn’t from that city care about what kind of government they have?

I could see if everything in our country was absolutely perfect, then we could maybe say, “oh it’s sad about them over there” – but our country is literally on fire! Nothing that could ever happen in Hong Kong, in any worst case scenario, could ever be as bad as what we are experiencing right now. And all of it is getting rapidly worse.

All of this Hong Kong nonsense is simply a distraction technique. While our country is being destroyed, while all of our freedoms are being stripped from us, we’re being told, “Look over there! Look at that over there! You should be really worried about that random thing happening over there, which we’ve singled out for you to be worried about! That is the official worrying thing! Do not mind the things happening on your own streets!”

There is zero chance that Stefan Molyneux doesn’t know this. There is no reason he would be promoting this unless someone paid him to promote it. It makes no sense in any other possible context.

So, he is banned from everything, but he is still shilling, professionally.

It’s incredible.

A Broken, Effeminate Man Who Failed to Forgive His Mother

Understand: Stefan Molyneux is a low grade moron. He lacks a clear understanding of very basic terminology relating to his own subject matter. He doesn’t know what an argument is, which is why he doesn’t have arguments to support his agenda of war against China in the name of human rights democracy. If you ask him for that, he will simply tell you: “read my book.” The only thing he ever did right was present powerpoint presentations that were put together by his staff. He is a trained actor, so he could make the powerpoints interesting to watch. Literally, everything else he’s done has been without value, and the only reason people get involved with him is because he is a charismatic cult leader.

He  began his career by running a self-help cult that told young people to hate their parents – literally, the worst evil imaginable.

Read this article from The Guardian from 2008 to see what he was doing to vulnerable teenagers.

After Molyneux called out the Jews and endorsed Christianity, I thought he was on the right track. But he just turned right around and started going the other way. I personally cannot imagine shilling in any situation, but shilling after your shill overlords have already failed to protect you from being destroyed is unfathomable to me.

The bastard got a $100,000 in bitcoin donations when he was banned, and has gotten millions over the years, so it’s not like he needs the money. That is some big time cult money. Just try to imagine paying someone a million dollars to give you the same idiotic “we have to fight for the human rights democracy freedom of nonwhites on the other side of the planet” lecture you can get on CNN 24 hours a day.

He’s always made serious money using bitcoin. More than I could ever hope to. You see, I refuse to use cult tactics against my audience. I know how to do it, and it would be easy for me to do, but this breaks people. Instead, I give you the real self-help information, and the number one self-help piece of information I can ever give anyone is the opposite of what every other cult teaches: never, ever separate from your family.

Molyneux attempted to find some real truth, maybe. He could have just been signaling positively towards Christianity because he thought it would sell, and he could have backed off of it because he found it didn’t sell. Or, he could have been seeing some bit of light, and trying to find the source of it. Either way, he could never make it to Christ, never make it to the truth, because he never forgave his mother.

Fantastically, we have an interview between the messenger of Christ, Jesse Lee Peterson, and Molyneux, where you can see the man’s broken psychology on full display as Jesse does his best to bring him to the Lord.

Jesse tells him that his mother couldn’t help herself, and Molyneux says, “I’m a big free will guy and you’re basically saying I was raised by an angry robot…” Jesse replies: “You were.” Molyneux then makes this face:

Women are quite literally incapable of believing they’ve done something wrong, ever, and this makes them incapable of feeling guilt, which makes them incapable of being moral outside of the guidance of a man.

Remember that: the first thing you must do is forgive your mother. Everything else flows out of that. You will have a feminine personality like Stefan Molyneux forever, with all of this womanish pent-up anger and bitterness. You will go searching for your mommy everywhere you go.

I do not think that Stefan Molyneux actually believes in the Hong Kong riot hoax. He’s dumb, and he’s a big example of Dunning-Kruger in action, but he’s not that dumb. To believe that the Hong Kong rioters have some kind of important point, and then to believe that this should be important to Westerners, you literally have to either have no idea what is going on or be a total drooling moron.

But you see: he will tell lies because he doesn’t understand the importance of truth, because he does not have the light of truth in him. The light of truth can only come from one place, and that is Jesus Christ. If you have the light of truth in you, you despise lies, and no amount of money would make it worth it to tell a lie on the scale of “sure, your country is burning down, but look over there at Hong Kong! We have to help them because of democracy values!”

By redirecting the energy of the people to an alleged problem that is completely irrelevant even if you believe it is a problem, he is selling out the West.

Fighting White Supremacy

I want to say that I haven’t been following Molyneux, and he may or may not be putting out some good information. Scanning his BitChute channel, we find that the most popular video of the last two weeks – with a whomping 16,839 views at time of writing – is an attack on “white supremacy” (a Jewish hoax that doesn’t even exist in real life).

I don’t know what he says in that video. You can watch it, if you’re interested.

It Just Makes Me Sick

There is no way that Bitchute is going to be allowed to remain online in the event that Joe Biden wins this election. Stefan Molyneux will disappear, because there is no way he’d be capable of maintaining a Tor presence in the way that the Daily Stormer has proven it is capable of doing (remember to save the Tor address!).

But the biggest thing here is this: if Joe Biden wins, the primary reason he will have won will be internet censorship. Daily Stormer was specifically blamed for getting Donald Trump elected by multiple think tanks (example here, there was also a big ADL study I can’t find right now). If we had not been shut down, had our domain stolen, been blocked from all social media, had all potential forms of financing pulled, this site would be bigger than any other alternative media site right now, and would be pushing to rival the big mainstream media sites. Then, of course, there are all the other Trump-supporters who have been banned (including Stefan Molyneux himself).

You see, it isn’t just the outcome of the election that has been hacked by this censorship campaign: it is all of these various events leading up to it. If our information was allowed to be spread somewhere other than a “.name” or “.su” domain that is completely hidden on Google search, then many more people would have been exposed to my informations about the coronavirus hoax. The lockdown could have been stopped. That is within the realm of possibility. You have all read my informations on the virus, and these informations cannot really be seriously questioned by any serious person. If this information was front and center, that would make spreading the hoax virtually impossible.

Again, that wouldn’t just be on Daily Stormer: many other banned people, including Alex Jones, who used to have 3 million listeners before being banned from everything, has also been saying that the lockdown is a hoax – yelling this fact into a virtual vacuum.

The course of history is changed by the ability to freely spread information or the lack thereof.

If these right-wingers would have drawn the line when Daily Stormer was banned, and made defense of free speech the primary issue then, demanding in unison that the Congress – which was then controlled completely by Republicans – pass laws protecting free speech, all of this could have happened very differently.

(I will say again that I’m not trying to make this about Daily Stormer, it’s simply a fact of reality that we were the first ones to have the hammer come down on us, totally. It is a fact that I am proud of, of course. I think I should be proud that it was my site, which was mostly at the time just dealing in shock humor for teenagers, that was considered the biggest threat to be taken down first. But if someone else were banned first, it would be the same deal: people would need to rally around them, because the slippery slope is real.)

These thought-leaders of the right failed to rally, and here we are: the last Trump supporters are being picked off with three months left until the election. Because of the way the information has been so controlled, we are entering into a complete hell based on the hysteria surrounding this virus, a narrative that has run virtually unopposed, due to the censorship.

All of this has happened because the people who are supposed to lead the people – and in a democracy, those people are the media, not the politicians, because the media decides who the politicians are – did not value truth above all else as they were commanded to by God.

When Christ said that to the Jews, they tried to stone Him and he had to disappear into the mist like a ninja. Evil, which on this earth is embodied by the Jews, hates the truth above all else, and what we are seeing unfolding now is a society totally and completely based on lies.

If we do not have the truth, we have nothing. If we have the truth, we can stand up to anything.