Bank Sheboon Steals White People’s Money – Sheboon and Gud Boi Murder Two Whites Related to the Victim

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2018

A lot of times when a nigga nogs I think of this part of Grand Theft Auto.

Click Orlando:

Orlando Police Department officials said Cynthia Stack, 52, and her son, 22-year-old Sean Stack were found shot to death in their West Jefferson apartment July 18.

Amelia Bissoon, 25, and her husband, 28-year-old Joshua Ramsawmy, are charged with first-degree murder in connection with their deaths.

According to court documents, Bissoon worked at Chase Bank in downtown Orlando. Cynthia Stack’s father was a loyal client of hers and followed her when she moved locations.

The investigation shows Bissoon drafted two $25,000 checks from that client’s account in March and made them out to her son, who is younger than 18 years old.

Ramsawmy then opened two accounts at Bank of America with the $50,000, documents show.