Banjoist Who Praised Anti-Antifa Book Apologizes, Resigns from Band

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The banjo player from Mumford and Sons, Winston Marshall, who had posted praise for Andy Ngo’s book about Antifa on Twitter, has issued an apology, and said he’s temporarily resigning from the band.

After he posted the tweet, which just basically said “hey, I read this book and I liked it,” he was totally mobbed by the speech police, and deleted the tweet.

It’s confusing to me how anyone who knows who Andy Ngo is doesn’t understand how this speech enforcement works. When I first saw this story, I assumed this guy was ready to go all in (“balls to the wall”) and didn’t care, and then, I assumed, some Jew called him up and said he was in breach of contract, so he deleted the tweet.

But apparently, he just didn’t know that it is completely against the rules to read certain books, and that you’re not allowed to hold the view that Antifa is not the best thing ever.

We are living in a society that is not really any different from something like North Korea, in terms of a state-enforced ideology. The only slight difference is that instead of the police coming for you when you say something you’re not allowed to say, a coalition of private corporate interests, extrajudicial enforcement bodies (these Jewish “anti-hate” groups), and Antifa (a militia that is clandestinely backed by the state) come after you and destroy your life, possibly up to and including attacking you on the street.

How could you possibly not get that by now? Maybe he has some form of autism. Based on his face, that is a definite possibility.

I just can’t imagine being in America in current year and walking around thinking “this is a free country, I can read, say and think whatever I please.”