Bangladeshi Woman Who Stabbed Baby Wins Right to Stay in Britain

Daily Mail
December 28, 2013

The woman speaks no English and lives like this in her home country.

A mother who stabbed her baby daughter with a kitchen knife has won the right to stay in Britain – so she can stay in touch with the girl she tried to kill.

The woman was jailed for five years for attempting to murder her daughter when the girl was just eight months old.

After completing her jail sentence she was due to be deported to her home country of Bangladesh.

But the family courts gave her the right to see her daughter under tight supervision for an hour three times a year – and she has now won the right to stay in Britain permanently.

A judge ruled it would be ‘very cruel’ to stop her from seeing the child.

She won her case using Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights – the right to a private and family life.

When the Home Office appealed, another judge described the earlier ruling as ‘generous’ but refused to overturn it.

The woman – who cannot be named because it would identify the child, came to Britain in September 2007 after marrying her cousin in an arranged ceremony the year before.

Despite speaking no English and having never been to Britain before, she moved to be with him in a maisonette in Tower Hamlets, East London. Their daughter was born in June 2008.

The marriage was unhappy and in March 2009 the 30-year-old’s husband presented her with a one-way ticket for her to return to Bangladesh. He also obtained a court order banning her from taking the child out of the country.

The mother told relatives she would kill the baby and kill herself rather than be separated from her daughter, saying: ‘If I can’t have her then no-one will.’

Her husband left her alone with the child and returned to find her stabbing the girl in the stomach.

He grabbed the child and ran upstairs with her – with the mother chasing after him with the knife – before she was overpowered by his brother.

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