Bangladeshi Rats Planing to Sterilize the Rohingya Rats! Irrational Rat-on-Rat Hate!

Daily Stormer
October 29, 2017

Bangladesh: the only place in the world that smells worse than India

With over 160 million subhumans concentrated in an area less than half the size of the United Kingdom, Bangladesh is by far the world’s largest open-air toilet. And yet, the grotesque, borderline retarded (average IQ of 81) creatures infesting it still have the sense to understand that Rohingya ratmen would just add to their problems. As such, they’re starting a voluntary (for now, at least) sterilization program for them.

Japan Times:

 Bangladesh is planning to introduce voluntary sterilization in its overcrowded Rohingya camps, where nearly a million refugees are fighting for space, after efforts to encourage birth control failed.

More than 600,000 Rohingya have arrived in Bangladesh since a military crackdown in neighboring Myanmar in August triggered an exodus, straining resources in the impoverished country.

Notice how it took the Burmese less than 3 months to get rid of more than half of all of these vermin.

 The latest arrivals have joined hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who fled in earlier waves from Myanmar’s Rakhine state, where the stateless Muslim minority has endured decades of persecution.

You mean decades of crime and terrorism in a country they came to unwanted by anyone.

Most live in desperate conditions with limited access to food, sanitation or health facilities and local officials fear a lack of family planning could stretch resources even further.

Pintu Kanti Bhattacharjee, who heads the family planning service in the district of Cox’s Bazar where the camps are based, said there was little awareness of birth control among the Rohingya.

“The whole community has been deliberately left behind,” he told AFP, citing a lack of education in Myanmar, where the Rohingya are viewed as illegal immigrants and denied access to many services.

They are illegal immigrants…

 Bhattacharjee said large families were the norm in the camps, where some parents had up to 19 children and many Rohingya men have more than one wife.

“I can barely feed myself, and everyone persecutes me just because I’m a terrorist and a parasite, so the best thing to do would be to breed as much as I can with multiple wives.”

 District family planning authorities have launched a drive to provide contraception, but say they have so far managed to distribute just 549 packets of condoms among the refugees, who are reluctant to use them.

They have asked the government to approve a plan to launch vasectomies for Rohingya men and tubectomies for women, Bhattacharjee told AFP.

But they are likely to face an uphill struggle.

Many of the refugees told AFP they believed a large family would help them survive in the camps, where access to food and water remains a daily battle and children are often sent out to fetch and carry supplies.

Having a bunch of children just so they can go scavenge food and water for you. Manly and logical!

Others had been told contraception was against the tenets of Islam.

Farhana Sultana, a family planning volunteer who works with Rohingya refugees in the camps, said many of the women she spoke to believed birth control was a sin.

Only the Devil himself would want more creatures like you on this planet.

He wouldn’t want you in hell, though. Because then he’d have to smell you.

 “In Rakhine they did not go to family planning clinics, fearing the Myanmar authorities would give medicine that harms them or their children,” Sultana said.

No idea if that’s actually true or not, but I can believe it’s possible. These gooks from Myanmar are totally B A S E D .

If they ever learn how to make anime, they’ll be the best gooks ever

Sabura, a mother of seven, said her husband believed the couple could support a large family.

“I spoke to my husband about birth control measures. But he is not convinced. He was given two condoms but he did not use them,” she told AFP.

“My husband said we need more children as we have land and property (in Rakhine). We don’t have to worry to feed them,” she said.

You mean that place where you were squatting and were chased out from with machine guns? That’s your “property”? Really smart.

 Bangladesh has for years run a successful domestic sterilization program, offering 2,300 taka ($28) and a traditional lungi garment to each man who agrees to undergo the procedure.

Every month 250 people undergo sterilization in the border town of Cox’s Bazar.

But performing the permanent procedure on non-Bangladeshi nationals requires final approval from a committee headed by the health minister.

The idea is particularly contentious given the sensitivity of the issue in Myanmar. The widespread perception that the Rohingya population is mushrooming is a key source of the tensions that have spiraled in recent months.

You just said earlier some of these things have 19 kids and don’t even know how to use birth control. How is that a “perception,” and not the accurate truth?

 No official data is available on birth rates among the Rohingya, who are excluded from the census in Myanmar.

But many of the ethnic Rakhine Buddhists accused of taking part in attacks on Rohingya villages that have driven hundreds of thousands into Bangladesh say they fear being displaced by the Muslim minority.

The Rohingya face official restrictions on the number of children they can have in Myanmar, although this has not been widely enforced.

Well, they should’ve enforced those restrictions, so they’d save money on bullets when finally finishing the job.

Still, class A gooks these Myanmarese or whatever you’re supposed to call them.

I never would have dreamed I’d one day hope my government would be more like that of Myanmar.

Let’s hope all White countries start dealing like this with invaders, although I’d prefer slaughtering all of them instead of herding them out, since fertilizer is always useful.

Also, next time some kike propaganda outlet tells you that the subhumans the kikes have been flooding us with can’t go back – just think about Myanmar, and how fast they dealt with their ratmen problem. More than 50% done in less than 3 months, showing that all we need to take our countries back is organization, decisiveness and strong leadership.