Bangladesh: Mob of 20,000 Moslems Burns Down Hindu Village Over Rumors of Facebook Insults

Daily Stormer
November 13, 2017

Some Hindus are yerrow ROR

Bangladesh is a country roughly the same size as Greece, with a population of approximately 163 million clinically retarded subhumans. Of those endless hordes of subhumans, the vast majority are Moslems, who regularly go on rampages like this against the non-Moslems.

After thinking it through for a while, I have come to the conclusion that there’s no way Sweden can survive without every last one of them moving to Germany.

Daily Mail:

 A mob of angry Muslims burned down a Hindu village in Bangladesh after a rumor spread a local had insulted Prophet Mohammed on Facebook.

You know, we really could learn a thing or two from these vermin, especially the British, who do nothing while tens of thousands of little White girls are getting gang-raped by retarded subhumans just like these ones.

The White race today has, as a whole, created the first society in the history of the planet where killing people who are not like yourself is seen as a bad thing, and that better change soon. Because if it doesn’t, we’ll be going extinct.

And I’d rather that not happen for obvious reasons.

One person was killed and at least five more seriously injured after 20,000 Muslims attacked Hindu homes in the village of Thakurbari, in the Rangpur Sadar region of the country, on Friday.

Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the crowd after trouble flared when a villager allegedly posted a defamatory status about Prophet Mohammed.

This might look idiotic and exaggerated, which it actually is, but it’s a much more rational way of thinking than the nihilism and individualism that’s eating us alive right now.

Bangladeshis are so dumb, they didn’t even think of bringing any marshmallows

 Six people went to Rangpur Medical College Hospital with bullet injuries and one of them, a youth named as Hamidul Islam, later died of his injuries, according to local media.

The mob later protested against the police response to the attack, blocking the Rangpur-Dinajpur highway for around four hours.

Another thing we could learn from these creatures – when the cops do shit against you or your kind, RIOT!

It’s always the best thing to do.

With that in mind, I really hope we don’t end up learning too much from them…

A traditional Bangladeshi sewer bath

BTW, these kind of things happen on a daily basis in every place Moslems infest.

How often does CNN report stuff like this?

I’m gonna guess not very often.