Bangladesh: 4 Dead and 100 Injured in Riots Over Facebook Post About Pedophile Prophet Muhammad

Daily Stormer
October 21, 2019

This is not the first time I’ve written about deadly riots in Bangladesh caused by a Facebook post, and it’s probably not gonna be the last either.

This is a thing they do.


Police say at least four people have been killed and dozens injured after security forces in southern Bangladesh opened fire on a crowd of Muslim demonstrators protesting against an alleged social media post undermining the prophet Muhammad.

Local police chief Sarkar Mohammad Kaisar told the Associated Press that the violence took place Sunday in the southern district of Bhola when demonstrators demanded that the Hindu man who allegedly posted the comment receive punishment for his actions.

The man in question denied posting the comment and said his Facebook was hacked.

This is a regular thing in Moslem countries.

In this particular case, the cops tried to stop and that’s where the killings happened, but they usually don’t bother.

Non-Moslems in any majority-Moslem area are under 24/7 war – murders, rapes, lynchings, bombings, riots, assassinations, you name it.

And you don’t hear about it in the media very often for some (((mysterious reason))) that is completely unknowable.

But the minute someone is mean to these semihuman pedophile-worshippers…

…the same media is very eager to make sure everybody on the planet finds out.

Bangladesh’s leading newspapers said that in addition to those killed, over 100 people were injured in the incident. Kaisar said that some of the injured included about a dozen police officers who were sent to be treated at local hospitals.

Local authorities held a meeting Sunday to diffuse the tense situation that began on Friday as the Facebook post went viral in the area. But the angry demonstrators began attacking authorities, prompting officials to retaliate, Kaisar said.

The police chief said that after the Facebook account holder complained, police detained three people for reportedly hacking the man’s Facebook account.

We can laugh at these humanoid cockroaches, and rightly so, but you have to admit they’re in a much better state than we are.

They still have the healthy instinct of wanting to cleanse their Lebensraum of people (I’m using the term loosely here) who are not like them.

This is a normal thing that all forms of life feel, and that is to defend their territory.

And Moslems do it non-stop, sometimes with an excuse, but mostly without, and they make no apology about it and have no regrets for it.

Meanwhile, White countries where far worse things than Facebook posts are happening on a daily basis to their peoples are completely numb and do absolutely nothing.

There really is such a thing as being too smart for your own good…

This creature lives in a saner society than any of us do. Think about that for a minute.