Baltimore: Youth Gets Life in Prison for Driving Into and Killing White Lady Cop

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 25, 2019

Dawnta Harris.

Dis bitch wuz in da way, wat wuz dis muhfugga supposed to do?

Drive over da sidewalk?

Muhfuggin’ RAYCISS court, shovin’ anutha brutha in jail jus’ coz dis honkey be refusin’ to move her cracka ass.


A Baltimore teenager was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday, more than a year after he accelerated a stolen Jeep and fatally struck a Maryland police officer in a suburban cul-de-sac.

Dawnta Harris, 17, was tried as an adult earlier this year and convicted of felony murder in the slaying of Baltimore County police Officer Amy Caprio. A judge in the suburban county that surrounds the city of Baltimore also sentenced Harris to 20 years in prison for burglary.

Caprio encountered Harris in May 2018 while responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle. Footage of Caprio’s body-worn camera played in court showed the 29-year-old officer repeatedly ordering Harris out of the car before drawing her weapon and screaming, “Stop! Stop!” Harris ducked his head and hit the gas, slamming the Jeep into her. She fired once, the bullet shattering the windshield.

Harris ditched the stolen vehicle a few blocks away. The Baltimore Sun reported area residents found Caprio bleeding with tire marks across her legs. She had broken ribs and injuries to internal organs.

WJZ-TV reported Harris did not speak during his sentencing hearing. Defense attorney Warren Brown read a letter from his client saying “I just wish I could go back and not do what I did.”

Amy Caprio.