Baltimore: News Jews Caught Hoaxing Black Innocence

April 29, 2015

Caitlin Goldblatt

I noticed on my newsfeed the other day that a few of my far left friends were sharing pictures saying the protests were peaceful. Except as someone who has been watching LiveStream coverage of the entire events unfold, I can tell you personally they weren’t peaceful at all. I noticed a few things that Irk me about what was being shared. The first thing is by this woman, Caitlin Goldblatt.

"I WAS THERE!" -Brian Williams
“I WAS THERE!” -Brian Williams

So among the first thing I’ve noticed, this Caitlin Goldblatt woman is claiming to be the woman in the glasses helping this man get his pink shopping bag and black purse back from the 90 pound woman and evil redhead devil. She’s been claiming the “protesters” have been peaceful despite a chair literally flying in the background in this picture.

Except one thing, it’s not true at all. I found a youtube video showing contradictory evidence of everything this woman, and several other people that work with her at the place called “City Paper” has been spreading lies about.

Here’s the video. I’ll label some important times below for your sake so you can decide for yourself.

Bag in question
Bag in question

It would seem the bag belongs to this woman in the skirt. It can be seen at around 20 seconds.

The perfectly civilized gentleman who got his bag stolen.
The perfectly civilized gentleman who got his bag stolen.

He has so much in this video I’m not even going to bother screencap it all, I’ll just list some times for you.

At 5 seconds in, he runs in and starts jumping on a single person with several other protesters, in which a few seconds later he walks off with their jacket. Surely this man wouldn’t steal.

At 25 seconds he’s seen picking up a trashcan, and throwing it at a bystander who yells “This is not protesting! This does nothing!”

He follows up by punching the man in the face at 29 seconds.

There’s more in other videos, you can check for yourself.

Then there's this guy. Brandon Soderberg.
Then there’s this guy. Brandon Soderberg.

He claims the red haired lady was antagonizing protesters. He also works for City Paper, as I’ll show below. But as for the video, you can see this woman appearing to try and calm things down at around 40 seconds.

Surely these two that work for the same media outlet wouldn’t lie and pin everything on a single person?

Don’t bother trying to reach out to either of these two City Paper employees, they’ll just block you, call you trolls, threaten to get you fired, or tell you you’re just trying to protect you’re white privilege.

This woman's name is Ann Coleman
This woman’s name is Ann Coleman

She is one of the main people sharing these pictures, and getting tons of reshares from people who don’t want to do fact checking. I mention her because if you follow the riots, you’ve probably seen a friend share one of her pictures claiming they were peaceful protests.

She is also tied to City Paper. She mentions the man arrested as “Her friend” in an event where the man claims to be beaten.

The man isn’t actually beaten, they’re just doing their hardest to try and turn the blame on the police and say they’re just peaceful protests. You can see that link here.

Back to Brandon Soderberg
Back to Brandon Soderberg

I decided to investigate to confirm they were all tied together. After realizing his friends were all from City Paper, I dug deeper and found he does indeed work at City paper.

Ironic job.
Ironic job.

Ironic that the fact checker is the one going into the protests and spreading blatant lies to people. So why does this matter?

Why they're lying.
Why they’re lying.

The City Paper has been stirring hate and bending facts since Mike Brown. You can go on their site and search Mike Brown to see some of their biased reporting.

They’ve been telling people of Baltimore the “protesters” are peaceful, villainizing any cops including Darren Wilson, and making people with a criminal record list a mile long into martyrs for people to riot to.  It would be a damn shame if their readers in Baltimore realized the protests are not actually as peaceful as they make them out to be.

So what do they do? Apologize for reporting untruths? Nah, that would be professional and humbling. Instead they send their own people into the riots and have them try and say that it’s not the rioters fault and other’s started it, and police are causing all the brutality.


Edit: They are now blocking users trying to call them out and deleting tweets.


The red haired girl has a reddit thread in /r/ baltimore here

She sent me this gif here, showing the man did indeed snatch her purse without doubt that another reddit user pointed out. You can see full quality version here

and also from there is a gif of soderberg yelling at her

This is another lied article claiming that the people at the bar started it here

and here’s two videos to debunk that from people who were at the bar (Pickles Pub), showing a subaru trying to get through, protesters attacking his car, then people in the bar attacking protesters afterwards.

Angle 1

Angle 2

If you see anyone post that picture by Caitlin Goldblatt claiming she was helping the man in the hoody get his purse back, point them to this album. Caitlin Goldblatt is now deleting tweets and backpeddling to cover her own ass.