Baltimore: Campaign to End Negroes Killing Each Other for 72 Hours Ends in Failure

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2017

“Blacks are only violent in Baltimore because White taxpayers haven’t given them enough programs.” – the Jews

Yesterday I did a brief article on an activist campaign in Baltimore begging Negroes to stop killing each other for 72 hours. It looks as if that campaign has already ended in failure.

I will take full credit for predicting what was obviously unpredictable.

Baltimore Sun:

Organizers and supporters of a 72-hour Baltimore “ceasefire” initiative marched and prayed Saturday, even as they acknowledged that their fervent pleas for peace could not halt the relentless pace of shootings and killings in Baltimore.

On the second day of a community initiative aimed at stopping — or at least slowing — gun violence, Baltimoreans held vigils, cookouts and other events. Some stood on corners with signs reading “Baltimore Ceasefire” or “Free Hugs.”

But even as ceasefire events continued late Saturday afternoon, police reported two shootings, one of them fatal. A 24-year-old man was shot in Pigtown, near Carroll Park, around 5 p.m. Saturday and pronounced dead at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center. A second shooting occurred earlier in the afternoon in the 4800 block of Park Heights Ave..

Earlier, ceasefire participants had said the goal was to help unify the city.

Sounds like they pulled out all the stops. They put up posters, held signs, prayed and even gave out free hugs. None of that was enough to stop the violence.

Perhaps it is time to acknowledge that Negroes are just a violent race of savages. They simply cannot function in a society built by White Europeans.

This whole idea that race is a social construct and that Blacks magically behave like White people because they cross a national border is the most insane concept imaginable. If you have large numbers of Blacks in a certain area, that area becomes like any other place you see in Africa. We see this throughout the United States.

Detroit is the most obvious example. It was considered a highly modernized city when there was a majority White racial demographic living there in the 1950s. When Blacks became the majority racial demographic, they ruined the city to the point where much of it now looks like a third world dump. The city would have been better off if a nuclear bomb got dropped on it and Whites worked to rebuild it.

Unfortunately, my point of view on this topic is racist and I certainly don’t want Jews to call me mean names. Therefore instead of endorsing this view, I will blame the Baltimore violence on White taxpayers not spending enough money for programs. I hope this answer pleases Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League which has done outstanding work in preventing discrimination directed towards the Ape American community.

The last thing I would want is for the Daily Stormer to get negative press coverage from Jews because of an article I wrote.