Bali: Foreigners Caught Maskless Forced to Do Push-Ups in the Street as Punishment

Because of this whole globalism thing, and this new role that Asians are playing in it (particularly as relates to the West turning against China and making them this cartoon villain), I’ve taken it on myself to try to help the reader understand just how differently Asians perceive social realities (and also point out that it isn’t evil or sadistic or maniacal or anything else, just from our point of view, very strange).

Asians are fundamentally neurotic, so this virus hoax has hit them pretty good, especially outside of China, where the leadership eventually decided it was a hoax and they weren’t entertaining it anymore.

But, okay. Just picture this:

There was a meeting in a Bali, Indonesia police station, about how they can’t seem to get foreigners to wear their masks while on the beach or riding motorcycles. And someone said “when we catch them, we should make them do push-ups.”

Then someone else said, “oh, good idea.”

Then everyone else in the room nodded in approval.

Just imagine being in a room where that happened, and it made sense to everyone there, and then you will have greatly increased your understanding of the way the brains of Asian people work.

ABC News (Australia):

Foreigners who have breached Bali’s coronavirus health protocols have been forced to do push-ups, with images of the unusual punishment going viral on social media.

As the photos circulated last week, headlines in several local outlets included the phrase “naughty bule” for those caught not wearing masks properly — or at all.

Bule is an Indonesian word for foreigners, especially Caucasians, and the spots they tend to favour have become a focus for authorities.

Many head to the Badung regency area, where the popular Kuta and Seminyak beaches are located.

Here, local authorities have recorded the highest number of coronavirus health protocol violations in Bali, with 8,864 offences occurring up to this week.

“Most of [the offences] were not bringing their masks, not wearing them properly, and some businesses not applying health protocols,” Badung regency Public Order Agency chief I Gusti Agung Kerta Suryanegara told the ABC.

While many of them were local Balinese, Mr Suryanegara said 80 per cent of people who had been fined for violating COVID-19 regulations were foreigners, mostly from Europe.

“Some foreigners were found walking on the beach, sitting in restaurants, and riding motorbikes without masks,” he said.

Mr Suryanegara said foreigners who had been caught seemed to underestimate the strength of health protocols in Bali and those who had been fined were “naughty”.

But those who committed minor mistakes, such as bringing their mask but not wearing it, were asked to do push-ups or sweep the street.

This photo of a white woman whining at the Bali cops accompanied the article (white bitches who think they can play this shit they play everywhere else in the world in Asia often end up finding out they can’t – there is nothing more joyful to me than seeing the look on their faces when it happens).

In this picture, she hasn’t figured it out yet. So you don’t get to see the look. But there was something else amusing here.

“Hello, I’m bellybutton. Who are you two?”

“Oh hi, sir. We’re nipples.”

It’s real cute not to wear a bra, I’m sure. But they were invented for a reason.

To be fair, that woman could be a flat earther, meaning she doesn’t believe in gravity.