Baked Alaska Banned from YouTube After Failed Comedian Tattletales Complain

I’m not sure if you knew this, but Baked Alaska (yes, that Baked Alaska) has been putting out some of the best content on the internet for the last few weeks.

In actuality, this is the Year of Baked Alaska (YOBA).

He was doing a livestream and going around to all sorts of places. He also got involved in a bizarre and awesome psychodrama with a schizophrenic woman in Arizona, creating the Sammy Streams.

The Sammy Streams are some of the best material that has ever been on the internet, frankly.

(Here’s a copy of the first stream. If you like it, you’ll have to do the work to find the sequels now that he’s banned. I’m sure there are copies around.)

Of course, given that he was wrecking the place up with victory after victory, entertaining the masses, failed celebrities became enraged and demanded that this self-made celebrity be censored.

After a short campaign of whining terror, Vic Berger and Tim Heidecker have succeeded in getting Baked banned from YouTube.

Imagine that Tim Heidecker is literally a tattletale comedian.

How can you be funny, and also a whiny little baby? Do you not need a spine to engage in comedy?

Maybe that’s why he’s failed so badly?

Or maybe it’s just that he’s a fat loser?

For those who don’t remember – and why would you? – Heidecker was on Adult Swim.

The Tim & Eric Show – from 2007 to 2010.

It was basically just two sober heterosexuals pretending to be homosexuals on LSD.

Not really a bit that can last much longer than three years.

And apparently, this guy doesn’t have any other bits up his sleeve, because he hasn’t done anything since 2010.

What he does have is a circumcised dick up his ass.

The guy isn’t even Jewish and he’s talking about “Antisemitism.”

He’s got Black Lives Matter shit all over his Twitter, including in his bio.

This guy is just openly licking the boots of the ruling elite to attempt to get some form of favor. He’s totally given up on ever actually doing anything creative again.

This faggot is literally editing his own Wikipedia page. He added that he was in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

I never saw the movie, but I doubted that he was actually in it. So I ctrl+f’d his name on the Wiki for the movie, and found:

Obviously, he also edited the Wiki for that movie to include his name. Here’s the clip of the thing he did which is a big enough life achievement to be in the second paragraph of his Wikipedia page.

He must have edited it himself, because it isn’t a cameo.

This is the definition of “cameo”:

Note the part where it says “well-known person.”

No one watched Ant-Man and the Wasp and said “OMG that’s Eric from the show Tim and Eric!”

It was in fact a “bit part”:

There’s a big, relevant difference there, Tim.

The only people you are “well known” to are the people you are currently harassing on the internet.

I just want to note: editing your own Wikipedia page (or editing other pages to include yourself!) is approximately as scummy as breaking into a woman’s house to masturbate on her face while she’s sleeping. The difference? Breaking into a woman’s house and masturbating on her face is actually funny.

Vic Berger, the other “comedian” involved in this censorship operation, doesn’t even really pretend to try to be funny, and is a full time tattletale. Frankly, I only vaguely know who he is, and he apparently isn’t relevant enough to have a Wikipedia page.

Based on his appearance, I would guess that he is a Jewish pedophile. But without the Wiki page, we can’t know for sure.

They got other celebrities involved, such as the failed loser Patton Oswald.

Wait, it’s “Oswalt”?

Hey Patton, if you don’t think that clip of Baked harassing those unhinged 711 shills is funny, you’re a faggot. Also, the only funny thing I’ve seen from you is when your wife died and you went around in public crying about it, you fat piece of shit.

Ask yourself: what is more humorless than going around whining about how people should be banned for comedy?

I frankly can’t think of anything. Even horrific acts of violence can be funnier than this, and frankly, all of them are funnier than this.

The system is entirely humorless, and if you serve the system, you cannot be funny. Seriously – we’ve known this for a while now.

Heidecker has been a known tattletale for a long time. He was part of the operation to complain to Adult Swim to have Sam Hyde banned. And yes – that was after his own show was canceled. So it was obviously just totally seething jealousy.

(The hilarious thing is that even after getting banned from Adult Swim, Sam is more popular and making more money than Eric Heidecker, who has the ability to go into the AS offices, as well as the offices of other networks, at any time and pitch a show if he could make a show worth watching.)

Clearly, he doesn’t actually think Black Lives Matter. No one thinks that, other than hysterical white women, who are primarily not concerned about their lives so much as their Mandingo dicks.

This pattern of using censorship to destroy your competition is not new. As I have said many, many times: this is what was done to Andrew Anglin and Alex Jones. We were censored by the mainstream media, because we were taking over significant shares of the media.

I don’t think anyone is going to watch Eric Heidecker because he censored Baked Alaska, but he might get another bit part as a result. The Jews don’t do much to reward their faithful servants – but they do a little, sometimes. And it’s not like Heidecker has anything to lose!

Thankfully, Heidecker is a LOLCOW and is freaking out at the amount of hate he’s getting over this.

(Obviously, you are bad at comedy, Tim. If you were good at comedy, you wouldn’t have to edit your Wiki page to mention a bit part and pretend like you had a significant role in the movie. Have you seen how long my Wiki is, Tim? I don’t have to edit it and add tricky things to make myself seem more important, because I’m actually funny and did huge amounts of funny shit in my life that people know about.)

(That joke is why only people who you harass know who you are, Tim. You’ve failed at life and your wife is going to leave you.)

(That joke is even worse, Tim. You should have been a refrigerator repairman, Tim.)

He’s saying people who are politically incorrect need to get more mature.

This guy:

Also, this guy:

The literal tattletale is saying people need to grow up and stop acting like teenagers.

(Also, yeah guy, great insult. Meanwhile, we’re calling you a “kikesucking faggot.” As a comedian, which do you think is funnier?)

Telling politically incorrect people to “grow up” is a funny thing. What they are saying is this: “accept that this is the system you live in, stop trying to rebel against the Jews that rule you, you’re never going to win.”

(You’ll never be invited on Joe Rogan, Tim. Your wife is going to leave you, Tim. You’ve totally failed at life, Tim.)

So yeah – funny he’s having a freakout, but a very small consolation, in comparison to what was lost.

It’s just so disgusting.

Baked wasn’t even political. He was just doing a fun stream exploiting a schizophrenic woman and harassing people at stores. But we’re not even allowed to have that.

We’re not even allowed to have anything nice, except for Baldur’s Gate III early access – and every time I boot that up, I expect it to refuse to load and give me a message saying, “we regret to inform you that the Jews have banned this simply because you enjoyed it. This isn’t political or anything, we just don’t want you to enjoy your life, because you’re a white heterosexual Christian male.”

However, some are predicting that this will not stop the party.

The YOBA shall not be thwarted by Satan’s children, say some.

Baked has a DLive channel, which is where I would assume he’s going to be at from now on.

If we find out more about his current whereabouts, we will inform you here on the #1 YOBA fan site.