Bahamas Bans US Travelers Because of Coronavirus

Say you don’t know much about anything and you see these two graphs. Do you think you would think (a) the disease was ten times more deadly in April as it is now or (b) mass testing is resulting in more positive tests? I just can’t even believe the media is able to promote this statistics hoax, day in and day out.

We have the most cases because we took the most tests. We’re continuing this mass testing while deaths are going down.

We’re publishing this data and then talking about how horrible we are at managing the disease.

It’s just such an obvious, blatant hoax and an attack on Donald Trump.

Miami Herald:

Less than three weeks after reopening its borders to international visitors, the Bahamas on Sunday announced that it is closing all of its airports and seaports to tourists from the United States, effective Wednesday.

Bahamasair, the country’s national carrier, will cease all outgoing flights to the United States immediately, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said in a national address Sunday.

Outgoing commercial flights will still be permitted to accommodate visitors scheduled to leave the Bahamas after Wednesday, he said. Visitors from Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union will still be permitted to visit as long as they can show proof of a negative COVID-19 RT PCR test from an accredited laboratory taken within 10 days of their arrival. Also allowed under the new order: private international flights and charters and pleasure crafts.

To be fair, Bahamas has big reason to be scared of this virus.

Those 11 octogenarians who died were really nice people.