Bad Goyim Refuse to Cancel Thanksgiving, Going to Airport in Huge Numbers

The goyim presumably won’t ever rise up against this coronavirus hoax.

But they will and already have largely just started completely ignoring the doom-saying from the media.

In anticipation of Thanksgiving, photos of airports being packed out are being posted all over the paranoia internet, with mommies demanding that these bad, bad goyim go back into their houses and lock the door.

Dr. Dena Grayson, a big mommy and a doctor who claims to be an “Ebola expert” has tweeted video from a packed Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

“New #coronavirus cases will SKYROCKET in December, followed by hospitalizations, then deaths,” wrote this mad mommy.

There is of course no evidence that any healthy person under 65 will ever die from this virus, but the hoax continues nonetheless.

Other airports looked very similar, according to many reports from media and mommy.

They’re wearing their masks, but they’re still going, despite the outrageous demands from the government.

Of course, the only reason that they are physically able to get on planes is that Donald Trump is still president. If Joe Biden were to take over, new federal laws would be implemented banning people from travel, and if they tried to get on a plane, they would be required to show digital passes proving that they have authorization. Whether or not people can get authorization will largely be based upon how much money they have.

Our leaders are making certain that this coronavirus hoax does not affect the wealthy in any significant way, whilst the working and middle classes are herded around like cattle, and forced to bend to the will of the government.