Shut Down by Feds for Offering Legitimate Services to Consumers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2018

So people were using this site to sell sex.


People do that on Tinder.

Has no one been on Tinder and gotten a match that was like “yeah sure, I’ll come to your place – $100”?

AZ Central:

A founder of the New Times tabloid has been charged in Phoenix in the apparent culmination of a federal human-trafficking investigation.

Authorities had spent months probing whether Backpage, the online classified advertising website he co-founded, served as a willing participant in the online sale of sex, including with underage girls.

An attorney for Michael Lacey, Larry Kazan,  told The Arizona Republic at the federal courthouse in Phoenix on Friday afternoon that his client had been charged. Kazan said he did not know how many counts Lacey faced because the 93-count indictment was sealed.

The courtroom was closed to the public, and it was not immediately clear what charges are included in the indictment.

On Friday evening, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice said in an email that a judge had ruled the case was still under seal. The Justice Department earlier had said, in a posting on seized Backpage websites, that more information would be released by 3 p.m. Arizona time on Friday.

FBI officials in Phoenix confirmed there had been “law-enforcement activity” at the Sedona-area home of Lacey, one of the co-founders of

An Arizona Republic reporter also witnessed FBI activity at the Paradise Valley home of Jim Larkin, another Backpage co-founder.

Backpage website seized

By noon Friday, users started posting on social media screenshots of what appeared to be a federal notice of the seizure of Backpage.

“ and affiliated websites have been seized,” the headline of the notice read.

The notice said the seizure was “part of an enforcement action by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division, with analytical assistance from the Joint Regional Intelligence Center.”

I dunno.

I mean, obviously the guys who ran the site knew there were hookers on it.

There are also hookers on Craigslist btw.

This sets a new standard, I think. I’m not sure. We’d have to ask weev and I think he’s asleep.

I do not like any story about the Feds shutting down a website which was not actually engaged in any illegal activity simply because the users were engaged in illegal activity. The ToS of Backpage said “no prostitution.”

There’s also the question of like, “what feminist whore made hooking illegal in the first place?”

And what feminist made this move?

Oh, right – John McCain’s slut wife.

Cindy McCain, wife of Sen. John McCain and an outspoken advocate against human trafficking, said she had heard that federal law enforcement officials had raided not only Lacey’s home in the Verde Valley, but every office of Backpage world-wide.

“They’ve confiscated everything and shut the website down,” she said.

McCain called it a “good day” in the fight against human trafficking.

McCain said she and other advocates had worked for years to get Backpage to change its business model, but the company consistently refused.

“I wish that it didn’t have to go this far,” McCain said. “I wish they would have cooperated with us when we tried to get them to see they needed to stop this.

But the legality of prostitution is, in this case, a totally separate question.

Although constantly referring to it as “human trafficking” is absurd.

All of this shit about women having control over their own bodies, being so empowered and capable of making decisions – except a decision that ends the pussy blackmail collective bargaining scheme that women have unionized maliciously against white men.