Back the Blue: Taking Down the Wheelchair Threat

Cops are letting primitive apes run buckwild.

But at least they’re handling the cripple problem.


The Tucson Police Department announced it has fired an officer who shot a 61-year-old man in a wheelchair nine times for allegedly shoplifting a toolbox from Walmart. The officer was working off-duty as a security guard.

A store employee claimed the wheelchair-bound man, Richard Lee Richards, refused to show a receipt for the toolbox when he was apprehended in the parking lot of the Tucson Walmart, instead brandishing a knife while saying, “Here’s your receipt.”

Officer Ryan Remington then apparently followed Richards through the parking lot, “attempting to gain his cooperation” and to convince him to put down the knife.

According to a statement from Police Chief Chris Magnus, Richards “refused to comply,” leading Remington to chase Richards through the lot, at which point he reportedly shouted, “If you want me to put down the knife, you’re going to have to shoot me.”

A second officer, Stephanie Taylor, joined Remington and warned him against entering a Lowe’s that shared the Walmart parking lot. Security and bodycam footage then show Remington opening fire on Richards, who falls out of his chair after being hit nine times. Remington subsequently handcuffs Richards as he lies face down on the ground. He was declared dead shortly afterwards.

Killed for shoplifting, huh?

I don’t even know what to say, bro.