‘Back Door Teen Mom’ Writes Christian Parenting Book

Daily Stormer
January 17, 2014

Farrah Abraham, an authority on Christian virtue.

From the Daily Caller:

After being featured on a show about teen pregnancy, releasing a sex tape, writing a trilogy of erotic fiction and developing her own line of sex toys, Farrah Abraham announced she is writing a book on parenting from a Christian perspective.

Abraham, of “Back Door Teen Mom” fame, announced on the show “Couple’s Therapy” that she will be writing and selling a book about parenting, centered around the Christian faith

For those who are unaware, Back Door Teen Mom refers to a porno film that Abraham shot with Jewish performer James Deen.

The one constant in Abraham’s career seems to be a desire to cash in on her fame in any way possible, no matter how degrading or dishonest her activities become. In the cesspit that is Jew-run America, money grubbing whores feel free to claim the label of Christian simply to make a quick buck.