Babies Given Infant Formula Instead of Being Breastfed are 25% More Likely to Become Obese

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2019

Ruining the life of her baby one bottle at a time.

Letting women operate on their own has devastating consequences for our people. This becomes clearer and clearer the more you look into what they do and the effects of their actions.

Daily Mail:

Babies given formula milk instead of being breastfed are 25 per cent more likely to become obese.

Almost one in six bottle-fed babies are obese by the time they reach primary school, an international study of more than 100,000 six to nine-year-olds found.

Children never given breast milk have 25 per cent higher odds of obesity than those whose mothers exclusively breastfed them for at least six months.

Experts believe formula may cause babies to gain more weight and grow faster because it is developed from cows’ milk, which has higher levels of protein and may trigger the growth of fat cells.

We live in a world where experts need to tell people that feeding human babies food that rapidly doubles the size of animals bigger and fatter than humans may result in human babies getting too fat too fast, and where experts need to tell people that using breasts for their intended and critically important purpose is better than using lab-made cocktails of synthetic so-called nutrients and mystery white liquids.

Soy milk is not milk, it is poison. Cow milk is not human milk, it is cow milk. Formula can’t ever replace human milk, and we should never allow it to do so outside of extreme circumstances. It should be a last-resort tool to prevent babies from starving if their mother suddenly dies in an accident or whatever.

Breastfeeding is fundamental to the healthy development of humans.

The study, led by the National Institute of Health in Portugal and promoted by the World Health Organisation, looked at breastfeeding rates for up to 22 countries, finding even nursing babies for some of the time may protect them from obesity. The UK was not included.

Children of mothers who breastfed them for at least six months, but used bottles as well, were 22 per cent less likely to be obese than those never breastfed.

Dr Joao Breda, senior author of the study from the WHO European Office for Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases, said: ‘We need to see more measures to encourage breastfeeding, like properly paid maternity leave.

We need less inappropriate marketing of formula milk, which may lead some mothers to believe it is as good for babies as breast milk.

The problem is not that women don’t have “proper” paid maternity leave. The problem is that women are working. Women not having the time to do basic women tasks is a self-inflicted problem. It’s not just that women choose to work but also that women often need to work even if they’d prefer to just take care of the kids because the salary of their husband alone may not be enough.

Letting women join the workforce effectively halved the value of labor by doubling the supply of workers, which forced both husband and wife to work in order to earn what the husband was previously earning on his own.

It was one of the biggest scams ever.

Breastfeeding is known to reduce the risk of babies being overweight, which may be due to hormones, nutrients and bugs in breast milk which change babies’ gut bacteria.

Breast milk is believed to ‘programme’ babies to burn fat more efficiently in later life instead of storing it and gaining weight.

Formula milk, in contrast, is thought to increase babies’ insulin levels compared to breast milk, which may cause them to grow more and bigger fat cells.

Breast milk may help babies get a taste for healthy food as it can contain traces of fruit and vegetables from their mother’s diet.

Formula milk contains sugars which may lead to obesity.

Dr Breda said: ‘Breastfeeding has a really strong protective effect. The evidence is there. The benefit is outstanding so we should be telling people.’

Sue Ashmore, director of Unicef UK’s Baby Friendly Initiative, said: ‘Human milk – breast milk – is specifically designed for human babies.

Not only does it act as baby’s first vaccine, protecting against infections, but it also affects long-term health, including acting as the first defence against the epidemic of obesity.’

This should come as no surprise to people, as babies are not meant to suck on plastic nipples or be fed with fake milk made from soy or animal milk. However, we live in the modern world, and in the modern world women are shocked to find that their boobs are for breastfeeding.

I’m not even joking or being over the top here. Women are literally shocked to find that the inside of their breasts has the equipment to feed babies.

Daily Mail:

A photo of what the female muscle system looks like has left social media users feeling shocked, appalled, uncomfortable… and a bit amazed.

On April 21, Twitter user @lemonadead shared a realistic illustration of what the inside of a female torso looks like — specifically, the muscles over the chest and the milk gland systems in the breasts.

The image has quickly gone viral with 119,000 likes and 39,000 shares, with commenters expressing surprise that they’d never before known that this is what a woman’s body breasts look like on the inside.

Women appear to be under the impression that their bodies are made for them to experience pleasure. They orally masturbate themselves with food and become obese, they fuck niggers and all kinds of animals, they get drunk and vomit all over themselves, and then they’re surprised to find that their breasts are not made from magic boob material and are instead fully equipped to feed the babies that they don’t have.

It wasn’t always like this.

The Jews convinced us that women were just as capable as us and, in a moment of weakness, we allowed these front-holes to join the world of man.

Now the world of man is ruined and it’s up to us to fix it.

Don’t worry though; there is hope.

Jewish conditioning is powerful but it is not invincible. Women’s instincts are still there, even if repressed and corrupted. You know this because even though women today are absolute degenerates, they’re unhappier than ever.

They yearn for what was taken from them but they can’t quite put into words what that is.

What was taken from them was also taken from us, because women are our property and indispensable tools for the existence of our people. If they fail at their critical tasks, our people suffer the consequences.

We can cleanse their corruption, but in order for that to be effective, the source of their corruption must be removed first.

Treat the cause, not the symptom.