Antifa Run Inside and Lock the Doors When Given Opportunity to Punch Nazis at “Punch a Nazi” Seminar

Daily Stormer
September 29, 2017

On Sunday, September 24, 2017 a new chapter in American Nationalism was written.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Azzmador and members of the DFW Daily Stormer Book Club were joined by members of Patriot Front, Whomsters, and the Houston Goylers to attend the “Houston Anarchist Book Fair,” during the “Punch a Nazi” workshop being held by world class chickenshit and keyboard warrior extraordinaire Kit O’Connell, a semi-well known anti-American antifa writer, who bills himself as a “gonzo journalist,” in the vein of Hunter S. Thompson, whose shoes he is not fit to lick.

Does this libshit look capable of punching any Nazis to you?

As you can see, at 11:15 they had the “Punching Nazis” workshop.

We offered them a chance to do a lab, rather than just a lecture.

When I learned of this event, and saw how these degenerate pinkos were so comfy just organizing openly on the internet, with a website for the event and all these groups openly promoting it on Faceberg and Twatter, I was 1488% fired up and ready to go.

After all, this was a book fair, and we are a book club!

I knew for a fact that with the help of God and some healthy young Chads, these belligerent, boastful bastards would cower behind their women and tremble like Jello during an earthquake, which is exactly what happened.

The fact that these turds have been broadcasting these events in the open told me that we needed to attend as well, so Sunday morning I got up, and a bro from the DFW Stormer Book Club swung by and picked me up, and we were off.

Artist’s rendition of typical Stormer Book Club road trip

We arrived at a predetermined rally point and waited for everyone else to show up. It wasn’t long before this attracted the attention of the police. It would seem that in The Current Year, being a group of well-behaved White people is a security concern for the government.

So we moved everyone’s vehicles to paid parking (I recommend that this be standard operating procedure for these things.  You don’t want to return and find that your vehicles have either been towed, or vandalized. It also helps with the element of surprise) so that we wouldn’t just be followed around by this cop all day.

We arrived at the MECA center, a former elementary school converted into an art school and leftist community center in the middle of what was obviously a former black ghetto that had recently been gentrified by hipster types. Didn’t these racists get Spike Lee’s memo on this?

We pulled up to the back of the building and headed to the front. As I clearly stated on the livestream, and as you can see in the video, our intention was to stand in front of the building and call the swine out, telling to come and attempt to do the dirty business they were plotting inside.

Which is exactly what we did. As we rounded the corner,  some antifa-ggot in what appeared to be a female’s green halter top and blue shorts took off  running to the door, screeching about the invading horde.  One of /ourguys/ raced him, and made it in the door before he could stop, and the antifa-ggots inside pushed them both out and locked the door!

He beat on the door and squealed “LET ME IN!!!” and the cowards inside shouted “NOOO!!!!” which tells you a lot about these vermin.

He can be seen later in the video, milling about, looking like some disaster has just occurred, and the fact that we did not all just jump him and mass stomp him shows you the difference between our side and antifa. Had the situation been reversed and one of our people was isolated among thirty or so of theirs, you know damned well they would have all jumped and tried to kill this poor unfortunate.

The only person who had the balls to come engage with us was, ironically, an old hag-woman who lived in the neighborhood. But she was a dumb old bitch so nobody really paid her any mind.

We said our piece, gave the commutards ample opportunity to come out and punch Nazis, and returned the way we came. A few antifags started flipping the bird and acting tough from the second story windows, and they even threatened us with a ladder (everybody was like wtf?), mooned us, and worst of all, had one of their horrifyingly ugly women come to the window, for all to see. At least we didn’t have to smell them though.

But they absolutely, positively, would not come out.

Turns out,  they were cowering inside, worried like hell we were going to storm the place with a battering ram, and they broke all the mops and brooms to use as defensive weapons.

Houston Press:

 A group of white supremacists — many of them masked — protested an event held by Houston anarchists on Sunday at the MECA community center.

The confrontation took place at the Houston Anarchist Book Fair, a gathering of local anarchists billed as a chance to network and discuss anti-authoritarian projects across Texas.

Kit O’Connell said he began teaching a class on how to resist fascism (provocatively titled “Punching Nazis”) as part of the day’s scheduled events, at 11:15 a.m. Around 11:45, O’Connell said, about 30 men wearing white polo shirts and khaki pants — many with bandannas covering their faces — assembled outside the building. The men carried a banner that read “For Race and Nation” and included the address of a white supremacist website.

O’Connell said some of the men tried to enter the building, but attendees of the book fair held the door shut. O’Connell added that the white supremacists cajoled him to go outside and fight them, but he declined.

“This was an unpleasant and frankly terrifying event, but we didn’t let it interfere with the book fair,” O’Connell said.

O’Connell said there was a Houston Police Department cruiser nearby, but officers did not intervene.

In a livestream of the event posted online, Azzmador specifically mentioned O’Connell as a target of the protest.

The neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer on Sunday published an article stating that Texas white supremacists, joined by a Stormer contributor and prominent white supremacist known as Azzmador, went to the MECA community center to confront O’Connell and the anarchists. Instead of clashing with the protesters, the site reported, the “communist faggots instead just locked the doors and cowered in fear.”

In a livestream of the event posted online, Azzmador specifically mentioned O’Connell as a target of the protest.

Calls to MECA went unanswered Tuesday afternoon. O’Connell said the anarchists replaced the brooms and mops they had destroyed.


O’Connell immediately began crying on Twitter, and did so for the rest of the day. Apparently,they were terrified we were going to return and lay siege to the place. What a bunch of sissies!

They sure do hate cops, but they sure did want them to come save them!

And the antifa-ggots who weren’t there were very unhappy with them (not that the LARPers would have done any differently had they been there).

There have been several attempts by the various commie websites to try to downplay this, or to portray it as some kind of victory on their part, but the livestream video speaks for itself.

These people are toast now.

Everyone can see that the only time they will punch anyone is either from behind before running away, or when outnumbering a single target 10 to 1.

This was a great time for everyone on our side. Afterwards, we went to a nice city park, barbecued, watched some of the guys box (with gloves) in friendly exhibitions, and had a great time getting to know new people and seeing old friends.

We also took a few pics with our war trophies.

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