Azzmador’s Quivering Antifa Victim Never Heard of Venezuela

Daily Stormer
May 3, 2017


This is what democracy looks like…

Hey fam, remember this guy from our glorious Daily Stormer Texas A&M Blitzkrieg last December?

He was the cretinous masked antifa homo who was just bright enough to tremble in horror at the sight and sound of Your Friendly Neighborhood Azzmador, but not smart enough to keep me from doxing him in a few hours despite his having worn a t shirt for a mask (he couldn’t afford a real balaclava, the poor sodomite.)

Well, his name is Joshua Pineda and he is a resident of Austin, Texas, which is the shame of the Lone Star State, as it is a hub of degeneracy and faggotry and communism, so no surprise he lives there.

But so does Alex Jones, so on May Day, he sent out some of his best milquetoast reporters to discuss matters of import to people who enjoy hearing how the Arabs run Hollywood and the New World Order is a Germanic Death Cult. They just happened to run into poor Josh. He seems to be a broken man.

Did I do that?

He was easy to dox. There are a couple of things you must always remember about antifa faggots. Despite being violence-oriented, they are stupid and they are wimpy, weepy, pussies.

The stupid part is what gets them every time though. Joshua is exceedingly stupid, even for an antifag. That’s why he was so easy to unmask via doxing.

The perverted little worm was wearing a mask to protect his identity, but his camera, which he considers his weapon against the oppressive White male western patriarchy, or whatever the hell he thinks he’s fighting, was his Achilles Heel. You see, it had a sticker on it, which advertised his affiliation with a gay communist outfit called Peaceful Streets Project, which is run by a gay mystery meat turd named Antonio Buehler. Buehler is best known for manufacturing a fake girlfriend to try to make people think he wasn’t a GRIDS homo, and the lie was famously outed by Christopher Cantwell.

Here is Pineda being interviewed by Buehler. Trigger Warning: This video contains exceptionally high levels of insane faggotry.

For a taste of how insane Buehler is, check out his Twitter. Don’t forget to give him as much helpful feedback as possible. He needs it, and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

This is what a subhuman looks like.

That nose fam, that nose. It makes one wonder if perhaps he is a descendant of nomadic desert tribesmen from the Bronze Age, if you get my drift. But I don’t know for sure so it doesn’t matter right now.

The Peaceful Streets Project sticker got my attention, as I am a true-blue Texan and thus I keep a watchful eye on our anarcho-communist domestic terrorists, so I just went to their website, and the little shit was all over it, he was even an author there! Talk about poor OpSec!

I fear he took this poor baby bunny home and shoved it up his rectum. Poor bunny.

Of course, he has an out & proud gay commie facebook page covered in his pics and featuring his wild brags about “street actions” and such. I encourage you to contact him there. Tell him what a great dude he is and all.

He also has a weird GoFundMe page where he has been trying to raise $500 that he has had up since 2013, and has obviously edited many times to try and keep it current, and in four years he has not been able to raise that amount.

Interestingly, he blames Trump for having lost so much weight he is under 110 pounds. You just can’t make up shit like this, and if you could, why the hell would you?

It took a lot of thought and bravery to step up like this. There are others in our community who have faced greater brutality. Others across the country like the NoDAPL protectors in bad need of the slightest drop of help. So I feel guilt and embarassment.

Since the election of Trump our country, our community has faced one of it’s toughest challenges as our opposition in Fascism, gentrifiers and the police have emboldened and come down on us. As always I stepped up and forced myself to be a pillar to protect our comrades. But the reality is I am not strong. My personal life has been in shambles. I’ve fallen months behind on bills and am at risk of having my electricity cut off. Rent has been hell due to this. I can also not afford my psychiatric medications. I have not been able to afford food and have barely been able to eat despite that. My weight has dropped below 110 Ibs. I’ve become unable to sleep and have nightmares frequently. I’m human. You’ve all seen the boldness I’ve stepped up to.

Yep, he’s brave and bold and gay and androgynous and medically certified as insane! The perfect leftist hero for the Current Year™!

And boy does he love posting selfies!

That’s my investigative report on antifa for today folks.

Remember, wherever gay homo commie perverts in masks try to hide, Your Friendly Neighborhood Azzmador will be there to expose them!