Azerbaijanis Storm Parliament Demanding War with Armenia, Over a Dozen Dead on Border

Who the hell even knows what this is?

I am just going to honestly tell you that I don’t. I know that these countries hate each other and had a brief war during the collapse of the Soviet Union, but this thing happening right now – I have no idea.

It’s only a top story in Russian media.

Yesterday, there was a border clash.


Azerbaijan says one of its generals and five other officers have been killed in a third day of fighting with Armenian forces on the countries’ border.

An Azeri private also died, bringing the Azeri death toll so far to 11. Armenia says four of its troops – two of them officers – were killed.

Both countries were part of the Soviet Union until its collapse in the 1990s.

They fought a bloody war over a mountainous territory, in a dispute that remains unresolved.

Nagorno-Karabakh is internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan but is controlled by ethnic Armenians.

This clash, however, took place north of this disputed territory.

Azerbaijan says heavy fighting is continuing in Tovuz district, bordering on Tavush in north-eastern Armenia.

Now, this is happening.


Police used water cannons and batons against protesters who stormed the parliament in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku. The crowd demanded mobilization amid border escalation with Armenia, but officials said that it’s unnecessary.

Enraged protesters broke into the parliament building around 4am local time, local media reported. Arriving several minutes later, police used batons to expel the intruders.

Parliament’s Protocol Office told reporters that the rioters caused some “damage” on the building’s first floor before being driven out.

Thousands gathered for a spontaneous rally in downtown Baku on Tuesday night. The crowd demanded that the government announce “mobilization” and take swifter action against Yerevan. After the rally became increasingly unruly, police deployed water cannons to disperse the protesters and clear the square outside of parliament.

Several people were arrested. Authorities launched a criminal investigation into the civil disturbance and the unlawful break-in at the parliament building.

Azerbaijan’s State Mobilization and Conscription Service later clarified that right now there is “no need” for any additional mobilization.

Clashes erupted along the northern part of the mountainous Armenia-Azerbaijan border on Sunday and continued through to Tuesday evening. The neighboring states blamed each other for the aggression and reported intense shelling by tanks, grenade launchers, and mortars. Both Yerevan and Baku reported casualties among their personnel.

I assume this is probably some kind of Western meddling.

If it isn’t, then it soon will be, as the agents rush in to inflame what they can and figure out their own angle to use against their enemies.

Armenia is the one of the two that is closer to Russia, so expect them to be the bad guys in the narrative that the New York Times and Mike Pompeo roll out.

Big wars start over border skirmishes. Sometimes, they creep right up on you.

Everyone is losing it because of the global hoax. They are coming unglued. Things are going to start happening that you never would have thought would happen, and that you do not understand, but all of it will have been run through the social simulations that are being used to plan all of this.

Unless something goes wrong.