AYO WaPo – What’s Up with Your Thumbnail, Bro?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2017

On the story of the black who got shot while in the act of drowning his own kids, WaPo appears on Google News with a picture of a random white guy, while other news sources show the black face.

It’s hard to believe this was an accident.

Technically, it is a result of them not featuring an image of the killer in the article, and so Google pulled a thumbnail from a different place on the page.

We’re actually featured on Google News (sort of – we get listed as a news site in normal results, but we are delisted from actual news searches), so I know a thing or two about Google thumbnails.

If there a header image or YouTube thumb, they will pull that, if not, they go for a designated featured image.

Above, which is a screenshot of the news stories you get when you just type “daily stormer” into Google at time of writing – I believe these three appear as they are the articles posted in the last 24 hours that have gotten the most interaction by Google’s judgment in the past either 6 or 12 hours – the first thumbnail is the designated “featured image,” because the header was a tweet, the second is the thumbnail of a YouTube video which served as the article’s lead, the third is the article’s lead header image.

Apparently, lacking either of these three things, Google will then will just pull an image at random, which in this case would have been from the WaPo sidebar.

Why the algorithm would pull the fifth image from the “top stories” sidebar, I don’t know. It might be because it recognized it as a male face.

The “sin” here would be that WaPo knows how Google News’ featured image algorithm works – I mean, I know, so the idea that they don’t is retarded – and would in most situations make it work properly by designating a featured image if they don’t have a header image.

They did have a video, with the black face, at the top of the article, but they have to be aware that Google isn’t, for whatever reason, pulling thumbnails from their proprietary video player.

It is actually possible that they set this up purposefully to feature that white guy, though even if they didn’t, it is not possible that they didn’t purposefully avoid featuring the black guy. The Washington Post is a massive company, that has a team of probably ten people dealing with how they come up on Google results.

This is how the media works.