Ayatollah’s Cryptic Tweet: “The Post US Era has Started”

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, tweeted on Sunday: “The post-U.S. era has started.”

The tweet is straightforward as a statement, but cryptic in its underlying meaning.

Firstly, I want to say that I as an American do not feel any connection whatsoever to the US government, and I wish that there was an easier way to refer to the US government as an entity that is separate from the US nation. Our government is a parasitic entity that feeds off of the nation. It uses our resources for the purposes of special interest groups, international banks and corporations and, in particular, the Jews.

We are a nation that is under siege by our own government, instead of any foreign entity, and that is ultimately why the US government is doomed to collapse.

Never before has it happened that a government has been so directly opposed to the interests of the people it ruled over. Well, there were examples, such as during the Bolshevik period in Russia, but that was a rather brief period. Joseph Stalin quickly took over from the Bolsheviks, and though he was a brutal figure, he was not at war with the population in the same manner as the Bolsheviks or the modern US government.

This whole situation is confusing for the population, because when foreign leaders speak out against the US government, the people of this country believe they are being directly targeted by these leaders. One person who has been good at drawing the distinction is Vladimir Putin, who always makes a point to speak of “Washington” instead of “America.”

Still, most people in this country still think of “our government” and “our military.” They are not ours, and they haven’t been for a long time. This government and all of its tentacles are under the control of an entity that not only doesn’t represent the people of this country, but is actively trying to destroy the people of this country.

Here’s what everyone needs to remember: the Roman Empire collapsed nearly 2,000 years ago, but the Italian people are still there today. Just so, when the US Empire collapses, the American people will remain. Well, some of them will. The real American people will remain. Those who have remained far enough away from this evil.

In many ways, the US Empire already has collapsed. It has collapsed internally, and it has to an extent collapsed financially. As I wrote recently as regards the Chinese, and Joe Biden’s plan to “compete” with them, there is not really any room for competition, anywhere but in the military sphere. Because the Chinese government, as brutal as it has at times been, has never been at war with its own population; they have built a country with a strong core. They have a large and satisfied middle class, they have a healthy base of industry, they are expanding their economic fortunes. The US is doing none of that.

This is a society without an identity and without a soul. Everything real in our nation has been surgically excised. We have obese monsters, homosexuals, irate women, Jews, trannies, every single race on the planet all garbled up together in a soupy mess – there is no way this forced lunacy can hold together indefinitely. This is a nation without God.

What the US has is a very large and very powerful military, that right now, probably could defeat the combined forces of every other military on the planet. However, that is literally all it has. And this plan that the people who run the country have to just continue to suck wealth out of the white, native population of America and redistribute it to foreigners and banks and billionaires, is not a sustainable long-term agenda. Eventually, the internal rot of the United States government system will lead to a collapse of its military capabilities.

That is why so many in Washington are in a rush to implement a military solution to get rid of China and Russia. Because once those two countries fall, it won’t matter if the US implodes internally, as there will be no one left to challenge them anyway.

But, as it stands now, the United States remains the dominant military power on the globe, and that effectively means that it is in charge of the globe. For the time being.

So, I would say that while in another few years, the Ayatollah’s tweet might ring true, at this current time, the US remains in power.

However, the question right now is: “do the lunatics who are running the United States actually have the nerve to use the US military to start a war with China and Russia and create the New World Order that they have been tasked with creating?”

The answer that I keep coming to is this: “I’m gonna have to circle back on that one.”